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Canada Immigration Wide Open—Just 28% Foreign Workers Actually Settle in Canada


Canada is a very immigrant-friendly country with a transparent and stable system, high immigration targets, and lots of programs and streams. But, how long will it last?

Will Canada continue to set immigration targets of more than a million immigrants per year? Is it just a matter of time before these programs are shut down and liberal immigration policies are reversed?

You will have these doubts if you don’t really understand why Canada wants skilled immigrants. Canada has immigration-friendly policies and programs because it needs them. And a closer analysis of Canada’s demographics, immigration trends, and future plans will tell you that Canada is going to remain an immigrant-friendly destination for a long time to come.

Why Canada Needs Immigrants— the Demographic Factor

Any country’s economic growth depends on having enough skilled workers. And Canada’s twin problems of an aging population and lack of young skilled workers mean that bringing in skilled workers from foreign countries is the only solution.

Over the past few years, Canada’s net labor force growth has been positive only due to immigrant workers. Excluding foreign skilled workers, Canada’s workforce has seen more aged workers retiring as compared to young workers joining the labor pool.

This means encouraging skilled workers from foreign countries is a matter of necessity for Canada to overcome its demographic disadvantage.

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Why Canada Needs Immigrants—More Temporary and Less Permanent Workers  

A million immigrants in a year may make for great headlines but a closer look a the numbers shows that Canada needs to do a lot more to retain skilled workers.  

Canada admitted 1.2 million immigrants in 2019, but just 341,000 were permanent residents. Temporary workers accounted for 870,000 admissions. In 2019, there were around 712,000 economic workers and around 72 percent of these were temporary workers.

This means just one out of every four admissions is a permanent worker. The rest are temporary workers who may or may not become a permanent part of the Canadian labor force.

A long-term view shows that Canada last admitted more permanent economic class immigrants over temporary workers in 2006. Since then, temporary workers have always outnumbered permanent immigrants.

This shatters the myth that Canada’s intake of immigrants has peaked or that the best opportunity to immigrate to Canada has already passed.

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How to Plan your Canada Immigration Strategy?

For starters, never make the mistake of thinking the best opportunity to immigrate to Canada has passed. More likely, the best opportunities are yet to come and quitting your Canadian dream can prove to be a disastrous mistake.

Secondly, don’t close your immigration options early. The two-step strategy of getting a temporary work permit and then qualifying for permanent residence may help you gain valuable Canadian experience.

But, with just one in four immigrants becoming a permanent resident, the future may see more PR-centric programs and policies. This means you should do your best to qualify for a work permit as well as an ITA for direct permanent residence.

Thirdly, there’s nothing to gain and everything to lose by delaying the application process. If you were in the Express Entry pool on February 13th, 2021, then you probably would have got the ITA in the monster CEC round irrespective of your CRS score.

There’s no point staying out of the pool and feeling left out after such draws. Canada has a huge immigration target and 2021 may see a few more monster draws as the government tries to undo the damage caused by the pandemic.  

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Fourthly, always be on the lookout to boost your immigration prospects. Canada immigration is a very dynamic process. Provinces announce frequent updates to PNP streams, in-demand occupations list, and other eligibility factors. The federal government too may announce new pilot programs in the months ahead.

A Canadian degree, or better French proficiency, or even moving to a NOC code with a higher minimum wage can improve your prospects. There will always be something that you can do to improve your chances of getting an ITA or a nomination.

Finally, give yourself the advantage of professional immigration assistance. There’s more to immigration services than just filling forms and submitting applications. Which stream or program fits your profile?

Should you just ignore the FSWP and focus on CEC? Or should you ignore Express Entry altogether and focus solely on PNPs? Or may be the right strategy for you is a Pilot Program or even a study course that will give you access to International Graduate streams of PNPs.

The right answer here can literally change your life forever. So, focus on choosing a qualified and experienced immigration professional to prevent even the smallest immigration opportunity from slipping away.

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