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Telecom Services Becoming More Affordable for Newcomers in Canada

Certainly, it is extremely important for newcomers to Canada to have affordable access to goods and services. Fortunately, the latest data shows that telecom services are becoming increasingly pocket-friendly across Canada. Recently a study was conducted on Canada’s Price Comparison for Telecom services which discloses that both wireless and home internet services experienced a fall in prices, with a decline of 2.6% across all wireless services and an 11% fall in mid-range internet plans.

This data accords with the Price Index data released by Statistics Canada, which indicates cellular service prices drops by 30% in the last three years. This latest trend of greater affordability is profitable for all Canadians and is specifically important for newcomers relocating to Canada. Also, it is recently found that the median income for immigrants after living five years in Canada was $7300 which is less than the median income of all Canadians. In 2019, a newcomer was offered a median wage that was 18% less than Canadian-born workers. Therefore, it is essential for newcomers to have access to affordable services to maintain a comfortable and sustainable standard of living while acclimating to a new country.

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Telecom services are specifically essential for immigrants, who completely depend on them to stay in touch with their friends and family living in Canada or abroad. Internet is again important for them in order to look for work, research, and training opportunities and to know more about Canadian culture and society. Approximately half of the Canadian immigrants interviewed in 2022 mentioned that social media platforms are their main source of news and updates and 31% of people are active on six or more social media platforms.

Newcomers utilize social media platforms to connect, find events in their local community, and learn more about Canadian culture through the wide variety of content available on platforms like YouTube and TikTok. Undoubtedly, the affordability of telecom services is vital for Canadian immigrants to explore online tools to find and build careers. It will also help one to stay connected and maintain social connections. The reduced costs of these services will surely enhance the chances of having a better life in a new country for any newcomer.

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Moreover, the reduced prices of telecom services are not only beneficial for newcomers but also helpful for low-income groups, seniors, and people with disabilities. According to a report released by CRTC, there are still gaps in access to affordable telecom services for these communities. The affordability will surely help bridge the digital divide and permit more people to benefit from the opportunities offered by the internet and digital technologies.

The dip in the price of telecom services is a new dawn of positive development for all Canadians, especially for immigrants. Access to affordable services is important to conduct and maintain a comfortable standard of living. It will help develop a more equitable and inclusive society for all Canadians.

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