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Beware of Immigration Scams

Stay Alert and Protect Yourself from Canadian Immigration Scams

Immigration Scams

Immigration laws and procedures are difficult to understand. If you hire somebody who isn’t capable or who is untrustworthy, you or your friends and family might face unnecessary expulsion from Canada. Thus to help and protect yourself, understand the types of immigration scams;

Tax Fraud Scams

These immigration scammers typically call or text their target victims and ask for private information They also might request a money transfer using internet banking.

Refund Scams

Scammers often telephone or email their victims to request their bank account information. Once the fraudster has your bank info, they may use it illegally in the future to claim money from you.

Immigration Scams

These Canadian immigration scammers claim that their victims have unintentionally breached the law and that they must pay a fine to get out of jail or get deported. They will try to scam the immigrant by asking him to use prepaid credit cards to pay the fine over the phone.

Best Practices to Avoid Canadian Immigration Scams

Do Not Hire an Unauthorized Immigration Consultant

If you are seeking advice and assistance regarding your Canadian immigration process, then reach out to authorized RCICs to know anything about immigration law. They will help you to know about the Canadian immigration system. They will represent you or consult the government on your behalf.

Do Not Pay Anything Up-Front

Never pay any money or offer any gifts to someone you believe is helping you with your Canada immigration application. You may only receive help from legitimate agents or representatives.

Don’t Give Out Your Personal Information Online

Don’t share your personal information – such as your passport photograph – on websites that promise to help you with your Canada immigration application. Scammers can use this information to identify and target you later.

Do Not Sign an Immigration Form that Includes Incorrect Information

Before you sign any immigration forms, be sure that the forms are fully and accurately filled out.

Be Suspicious of Unsolicited Calls or Emails

If you receive an unsolicited call or email asking you to make a payment or provide personal information, be suspicious about an immigration scam and report it to your nearest Canadian police station

Keep Copies of All Documents With You

Ask for copies of the immigration documents that are filed by an immigration consultant.

What to Do If You are the Victim of an Immigration Scam?

If you are the victim of an immigration scam, you are advised to do the following:

  • Get assistance from a lawyer or from a legitimate legal aid organization.
  • Share your story with your family, friends, and concerned authorities.

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