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If Your Express Entry Application is Approved

Candidates with an approved Express Entry Application are informed of their approved profile through their account with a COPR (Confirmation of Permanent Residence) and are provided with a permanent resident visa (if required by your country).

The COPR entails your personal information with your photograph. You need to carefully check it to validate its information as it must show the same as on your travel document. In case of any error, connect with the authorities through your account. Also, since it cannot be extended thus, it must be used before its expiration.

Candidates Residing in Canada

For the candidates who are already living in Canada, the authorities connect with the candidates and inform them of the next procedure. These applicants have an interview with an officer who validates the documents and asks a few questions.

Candidates Living Outside Canada

These candidates can utilize free-pre arrival services or read more about living in Canada. Upon arrival, the candidate must use ArriveCan to enter the country. You must carry a valid passport, COPR, and Visa with proof of funds to support yourself and your family.


On arrival, one meets with the CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) officer who checks the validity of the documents and other information to ensure that the approved person is being entered into the country.

Canadian immigration authorities will not allow a candidate with false information, who doesn’t meet the eligibility criteria.

Once the CBSA is approved, then they allow the candidate to enter the country as a Canadian permanent resident. They will also ask for a Canadian mailing address where the permanent resident card is to be mailed. In case you change your address within 180 days of arrival, then must update the same in the form.

Funds Disclosure

Upon arrival, a candidate cannot carry more than CAD 10000. In case you are carrying more than this amount, must inform the officer or it may be fined or seized.


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