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Living in Canada

Discover the exciting opportunities of living in Canada – a culturally diverse country with high standard of living, strong economy, and breathtaking natural beauty. Whether you’re looking to start a new life, advance your career, or simply enjoy a new adventure, living in Canada is a truly unforgettable experience

Living in Canada
  • Healthcare: To provide its residents and immigrants with the best living standards, Canada offers free healthcare covering the most important medical care including doctor consultations and surgeries
  • Education: Canada is widely coveted for its exceptional education and schooling system. It has been listed as the third-best education system globally as per a survey. The country offers free education to the residents up to primary and secondary levels
  • Canada Pre-Arrival To-Do List: Here is the Canada Pre-Arrival to-do list, which includes document preparation, stuff to prepare, and other related tasks
  • First Week In Canada: To help new immigrants skip the baffled state, here is the guide/list of the tasks they need to accomplish in their first week in Canada.
  • Driving: A driving license in Canada is issued by the federal authorities of the province or territory. For immigrants, gaining a driving license in Canada depends on the country one is from as one may just exchange their home country’s driving license for a Canadian one without having to appear for the knowledge and road tests
  • Taxation in Canada: Paying taxes is mandatory for all citizens. It benefits credits to make one further eligible for working income tax benefit, Canada child benefit, amongst other tax credits.
  • Banking: For all the temporary and permanent new residents, it is essential for them to have a bank account in Canada as withdrawals from their home bank account will incur additional charges. 
  • Accommodation: The first and foremost important task for a newcomer in Canada is to find suitable accommodation.