Arrima Portal

Introduced in 2018, Arrima is an online portal used by the Quebec government to immigrants successfully move to Quebec. This platform helps the government manage Quebec’s Regular Skilled Worker program (QSWP) as it is used to invite and receive the Quebec’s Expression of Interest (EOI) applications along with submission of documents for Québec Experience Program (PEQ), Permanent Immigration Pilot Programs and International Student Program.

The received applications are ranked against each other in the Arrima pool of candidates.

The main purpose of the Arrima is to make the immigration application processing a swift and hassle-free process. Also, it helps select potential immigration candidates to fit the need of the labor market.

Usage and Benefits of Arrima for Quebec Immigration Candidates

  • Arrima is used for creating, submitting and completing Expression of Interest (EOI) application process in the Arrima pool of candidates.
  • The applicant can here access a self-assessment tool to have an estimate score of their profile and assess their chances of receiving an invitation.
  • Post the EOI submission, a score is provided to the applicant.
  • The Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI) invites the highest scoring candidates in the Arrima pool to submit a full application for permanent selection.
  • Within the next 60 days, candidates have to complete the application and submit it to the ministry.
  • After the MIFI reviews and approves the application, it sends out Quebec Selection Certificate within a period of 6 months.
  • Then, the candidate can apply for Canadian permanent residence.
  • Along with supporting the above steps, Arrima is used for paying processing fees.
  • It is also used for applying for temporary selection for studies in Quebec.
  • This portal helps collect information and submit forms for Financial aid for part-time French courses, Accompaniments Québec programs and The Program for Refugees Abroad (collective sponsorship), amongst others.

To make the best use of this portal and successfully collect and submit the required document for the Quebec immigration process, it is suggested to connect with experienced and licensed Regulate Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) at ImmigCanada. The professionals RCICs will carefully evaluate your profile and help you smoothly sail through the Canadian immigration process.