Permanent Residence in Canada—the Best Gift for Your Spouse and Dependent Children

Permanent Residence in Canada—the Best Gift for Your Spouse and Dependent Children

Immigrating to Canada is probably the best decision that any ambitious skilled worker can take today. With the global economy set for a tough period after the Covid-19 pandemic, moving to a developed country like Canada can boost your career as compared to staying in an emerging economy that’s likely to underperform for a long time ahead.

However, your Canada immigration decision is not just about you alone. You need to consider the potential benefits and risks for your spouse and dependent children before taking a decision.

As far as Canada goes, there’s no doubt that your decision to apply for Canadian permanent residence is probably the best gift you can give to your spouse and children.

Canada—Easy PR Sponsorship for Spouse and Children  

A Canadian permanent resident with enough financial resources can easily sponsor his/her spouse and children for Canadian permanent residence. While you need to qualify for PR through Express Entry or any relevant stream of a Provincial Nomination Program, your spouse and children can qualify for PR simply based on their relationship with you.

As permanent residents, your spouse and children will enjoy virtually all the privileges and benefits enjoyed by Canadian citizens except for the right to vote.

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Zero Work Permit Worries for Spouses

Spouses of Canada work permit holders can apply for an open work permit and live and work in Canada. However, their stay in Canada will depend on the status of their spouse and planning their long-term future in the country can be very difficult.

As a permanent resident, your spouse can work in Canada without having to worry about any work permit or other visa formalities. Naturally, this will make it easier for your spouse to find good jobs in Canada, since employers too won’t have to worry about the formalities and procedures involved in hiring a foreign worker on a work permit in Canada.

Affordable Study Options for Children

For your children, PR status will mean complete freedom to study in Canada without having to apply for any study permit or other formalities. Since permanent residents pay the same fee as Canadian citizens, there can be a significant reduction in cost of studying in Canada. Tuition fees for PR and citizens can be three to five times lower than fees paid by foreign students.

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Fantastic Career Prospects Post Graduation

Further, your child can bypass the whole PGWP or TFWP or IMP question and apply for a job after graduation without any work permit or visa formalities. Needless to say, this can have a significant impact on your child’s career prospects, as a skilled worker or as an entrepreneur.

Statistics clearly show that participation by children of immigrants in postsecondary education is significantly higher than participation by native Canadians. Further, they also fare better in their careers and earn more than Canadian citizens of the same age.

This means your child’s PR status will be a significant advantage that will help him or her contribute more to society and enjoy greater professional success in his or her career.

Canada is aggressively trying to attract more foreign students and trying to retain them after graduation. However, there are issues like application backlogs and processing delays that can hurt your child’s study and professional prospects for no fault.

All these risks can be bypassed, and your child can plan his or her future with minimal uncertainties if you take the smart decision to become a Canadian permanent resident today.

Your Immigration Options

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There are multiple routes to Canada permanent residence depending on whether you are a temporary worker already in Canada or a skilled worker living abroad.

If you are in Canada on a work permit, then your PR options include Express Entry’s Federal Skilled Worker Program or the Canada Experience Class Program. Or you can explore PNP streams for skilled workers in the province in which you are living.

Express Entry doesn’t require you to have a job offer in hand and the CEC option will be easier if you already have one year of Canadian work experience.

Provincial nomination is a great option if you have a job offer in the province and intend to settle there. The 600-point boost to our CRS score through nomination virtually guarantees an Invitation to Apply.

For foreign workers, the good news is that Canada is set to restart FSWP draws in July 2022. The FSWP draw was last held in December 2020. FSWP is a great option if you have work experience but don’t have Canadian work experience that is required to qualify under the CEC program.

Give yourself and your family the advantage of professional immigration assistance to transform your dream to move to Canada a reality.

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