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Study Permit Renewal and Changes in Canada

Ensuring the smooth continuation of your studies in Canada requires careful attention to the renewal or extension of your study permit. Legal status maintenance throughout this process is paramount for a seamless educational experience in the country.

Maintaining Legal Status

To safeguard your stay in Canada, it is imperative not to surpass the authorized duration without initiating the process for a change in status. Adhering to specified conditions, such as work restrictions and weekly study hour limits, is equally crucial. Thoroughly review your study permit to familiarize yourself with any embedded conditions.

Failure to apply for renewal or a change in status before the permit expiration necessitates leaving Canada until a return application is submitted. However, applying before the current status expiration grants you “maintained status” as a temporary resident until a decision is made. Keep copies of relevant documents, like proof of postage or courier delivery, to validate the status extension request.

This rule applies solely to temporary residence applications. Permanent residence applicants cannot stay in Canada until a decision is reached unless they possess a valid temporary status as a visitor, student, or worker.

If your study permit conditions are breached, resulting in a loss of status, a restoration of status application can be submitted within 90 days of status loss.

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Renewing/Extending Your Study Permit

Should your study permit expire before completing your program, timely renewal is essential. Applying for a new study permit at least 30 days before the current one expires is advisable, either through online submission or mail.

Upon study permit extension approval, consider applying for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) if necessary. For those studying in Quebec, obtaining a new Certificat D’acceptation Du Quebec/Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) may be required, as a study permit generally corresponds with a CAQ.

Changing Schools

According to IRCC, transferring between educational institutions, study programs, or study levels doesn’t necessitate obtaining a new study permit. As long as the current study permit is valid, students can seamlessly transition between educational pursuits.

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