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Letter of Acceptance

Pursuing your Canadian study journey begins with securing a Letter of Acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). This crucial document is a prerequisite for a Canada study permit application, outlining essential details for prospective students.

How to get a LOA – A Step-by-Step Guide

Embarking on your Canadian study journey requires a crucial document – the Letter of Acceptance. Follow these steps to secure yours:

Step 1: Submit Application to DLI

Begin by applying to your chosen Designated Learning Institution (DLI). Upon a successful application, the institution issues the LOA.

Step 2: Include Essential Elements in the Letter

For a comprehensive study permit application, ensure the document includes the following details:

  • Student’s full name, date of birth, and mailing address.
  • Student’s ID number, if applicable.
  • Institution’s name and official contact person’s details.
  • Contact information of the institution.
  • Licensing information for private DLIs (usually in the institution’s letterhead).
  • DLI number.
  • Type of school or institution (e.g., private, public, post-secondary college, community college, or technical college).
  • Study program details: level, year, start date, and estimated duration.
  • Registration deadline for the study program.
  • Indication of full-time or part-time status.
  • Estimated first-year tuition fees, along with details of scholarships or financial aid.
  • Information about required internships or work placements, if applicable.
  • The expiry date of the LOA*.
  • Conditions of acceptance to the DLI (if applicable), such as prerequisite courses or language proficiency.
  • For DLIs in Quebec, clear mention of the Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) requirement.

*Note: The Letter of Acceptance must have a stated expiry date. If the study permit processing extends beyond this date, an extension letter may be requested from the institution to support the application.

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IRCC Instructions

IRCC provides a template for the LOA, ensuring uniformity. However, possessing this letter doesn’t guarantee study permit approval, subject to IRCC discretion.

Exemptions and Special Cases

Certain cases, like family members applying with pre-approved permits or short-term study programs, may be exempt from this requirement. Always check if your situation aligns with these exemptions.

Study Permits for Multiple DLIs

When applying for a study permit encompassing a program offered by multiple institutions, clarity is key. Follow these guidelines to streamline the process:

  • Clear Indication in Letter of Acceptance: Ensure that your document explicitly states the following if you are pursuing a program from more than one Designated Learning Institution (DLI):
  • Name, type, and location of the additional institution(s).
  • Specific course(s) you intend to pursue at the different institution(s).
  • Semester(s) earmarked for your studies at the additional institution(s).
  • Issuing DLI for Joint Programs: If your degree, diploma, or certificate is jointly issued by more than one DLI, the LOA should be from the DLI where you plan to commence your program. This institution must clearly outline the collaborative nature of the program.
  • Study Permit Details: When the study permit is granted, the primary DLI may be specified as the institution. However, additional institutions may be listed in the Remarks section of the study permit.

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Renewal and Ongoing Studies

Study permit renewals usually don’t demand a new Letter of Acceptance. However, immigration officers may seek proof of ongoing studies, provided by the institution.

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