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Quebec Immigration

Quebec, a captivating French-speaking province in Canada, warmly invites immigrants from all over the world to explore its diverse opportunities and embrace its unique cultural heritage.

Quebec has definitely become a popular choice of destination to settle amongst immigrants. It is known as a melting pot of cultures, offering world-class opportunities and a welcoming environment to newcomers.

Montreal is Quebec’s metropolis which is celebrated as Canada’s second-largest city. It is also renowned for its rich culture and plethora of international festivals and events.

In addition to its thriving cultural scene, Quebec boasts a booming economy that has created a robust workforce, brimming with numerous job opportunities. Moreover, Quebec is known to offer affordable housing options as compared to cities like Toronto and Vancouver.

How Does Immigration to Quebec Work?

Quebec independently operates its immigration from the selection criteria of the Canadian Government. To become an economic permanent resident of Quebec, one is required to follow the below Quebec immigration process.

This two-step process begins with obtaining a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). The CSQ signifies that you have been selected to settle in Quebec and is a crucial document on your immigration journey.

Once you hold a CSQ, you can proceed to apply for Canadian permanent residence through the federal government. The federal government primarily assesses health and criminality issues, as Quebec has already approved your human capital, skills, and experience. Some applicants may also be eligible for a Quebec-based work permit while waiting for their federal application to be processed.

It is important to note that while Quebec retains control of the selection of economic immigrants, Family Class applicants and in-Canada refugee claimants may also be admitted on an ongoing basis. French language proficiency for economic migrants depends on the program and individual circumstances, but for non-economic migrants, French ability is not a factor in selection.

To ensure successful integration into Quebec society, all applicants for permanent residence through Quebec immigration programs are required to demonstrate their understanding of Quebec values. This can be achieved by passing a Quebec values test or completing a course on Quebec values.

Quebec Immigration Programs

Quebec offers a range of immigration programs tailored to suit diverse profiles. Let’s take a closer look at some of these programs:

Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSW):

Quebec Skilled Worker Program is Designed for workers who can contribute to Quebec’s workforce, QSW uses a points-based ranking system to select the most competitive candidates. Proficiency in French and/or English, Quebec experience, and other factors are considered in the selection process.

Quebec Experience Program (PEQ)

Intended for candidates with experience in Quebec as workers or international students, Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) emphasizes French-language proficiency as a mandatory requirement.

Quebec Immigration Pilot Program for Workers in AI, IT, and VFX

This pathway offers permanent residence for workers in the AI, IT, and VFX industries, with separate streams for French and non-French speakers.

Quebec Pilot Program for Food Processing Workers

Designed for workers in the food processing sector, this program requires advanced-intermediate French-language abilities for eligibility.

Quebec Immigration Pilot Program for Orderlies

Targets orderlies, nurses’ aides, and patient services associates working in Quebec, with advanced-intermediate French-language abilities as a prerequisite.

Quebec Business Immigration

If you are an investor or entrepreneur seeking opportunities in Quebec, the province offers the following programs:

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

Designed for wealthy investors willing to make a substantial investment in Quebec, this program has specific net worth and investment requirements.

Quebec Entrepreneur Program

Geared towards experienced business people, this program welcomes those interested in launching a new business or acquiring an existing one in Quebec.

Quebec Self-Employed Program

For self-employed individuals living and working in Quebec, this program has specific experience and financial requirements.

Plan Your Quebec Immigration Journey with Us

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