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Northwest Territories Provincial Nominee Program

The Northwest Territories Provincial Nominee Program is designed to cater to specific labour market requirements. This provincial nominee program offers skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and graduates an opportunity to attain permanent residency in the Northwest Territories. With its exceptional selection process, the program offers a unique selection process and streamlined process to invite qualified individuals to contribute to the growth of the province.

Explore NTNP Streams:

1. Northwest Territories Express Entry

If you are a skilled worker in the federal Express Entry pool, this stream provides an accelerated pathway to permanent residence. Secure your future in the Northwest Territories by obtaining a job offer from an eligible employer.

Requirements for Northwest Territories Express Entry:

Are you ready to embark on your Express Entry journey with the Northwest Territories? Here’s your guide to the applicant requirements for the Northwest Territories Express Entry stream, seamlessly connecting you to Canadian permanent residency.

For Applicants

Express Entry Requirements

To be part of the Express Entry pool and eligible for Northwest Territories Express Entry, applicants must qualify for at least one of the three federal Economic programs:

Connection to Northwest Territories

  • Applications are primarily accepted from temporary foreign workers in the Northwest Territories
  • Demonstrated legal status to work in Canada (exceptions considered under certain circumstances)

Job Offer Requirements

  • Full-time job offer from an eligible Northwest Territories employer
  • Position at NOC Skill Level 0, A, or B

Language Proficiency

  • Language test results reflecting proficiency as per the job offer’s skill level
  • CLB level 6 for Skill Level 0 and A, CLB level 5 for Skill Level B

Education, Work Experience, and More

  • Sufficient education and specialization for the job offer
  • Minimum one year of full-time experience in the same occupation as the job offer

For Employer

Job Offer and Business

  • Full-time, permanent job offer with industry-standard salary
  • Employers must be registered and operational in Northwest Territories for at least one year, or a municipal, First Nations, or territorial government entity


  • Positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or proof of local and national advertising for open positions
  • Verification of good standing with the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission and Employment Standards office

Are you ready to take the next step toward Northwest Territories Express Entry? Ensure you meet these requirements, and that your Canadian dream is within reach!

2. Northwest Territories Employer Driven

Tailored for foreign nationals with expertise in NOC Skill Levels 0, A, B, C, or D, this stream requires a full-time, permanent job offer from a qualified employer.

Two sub-streams are available:

  • Critical Impact Worker
  • Skilled Worker

3. Northwest Territories Business Driven

Entrepreneurs and business owners seeking to establish new ventures in the Northwest Territories can flourish in this stream. Open to all economic sectors, priority is given to businesses significantly contributing to the local economy or introducing innovative products.

Explore the Entrepreneur or Self-Employed (Terminated) sub-streams.

Entrepreneur Steam Requirements

Language Proficiency

To qualify for the Entrepreneur stream, candidates must showcase proficiency in English or French at Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 4. Official language test results, conducted within the last six months, are essential to validate language proficiency.

Level of Education

While no specific education level is mandated, candidates must possess the educational background necessary to effectively execute their proposed business plan.

Work Experience

No minimum work experience is stipulated; however, candidates should have the requisite work background to successfully implement their business plan.

Investment Requirement

Entrepreneurs venturing into this stream must demonstrate a substantial net worth and the financial capacity to invest in their chosen business.

Key Requirements Include:

  • Ownership of at least one-third (33.3%) of the Northwest Territories business.
  • Flexibility for ownership below one-third with a personal net worth exceeding CAD 1,000,000.

Capital Requirements

  • Yellowknife: Minimum personal net worth of CAD 500,000 and a mandatory investment of CAD 300,000 in the business.
  • Outside Yellowknife: Minimum personal net worth of CAD 250,000 with a required investment of CAD 150,000 in the business.

Business Performance Agreement

Candidates commit to a business performance agreement and a CAD 75,000 good faith deposit. The deposit is fully refundable upon meeting agreement conditions, which include:

  • Residing within 100 kilometers of the business.
  • Residing in the Northwest Territories for at least 75% of the time on a temporary work permit.

Are you prepared to turn your entrepreneurial aspirations into reality in the Northwest Territories? Meet these criteria, and your journey toward business success begins!

Why Choose NTNP?

  • Diverse pathways for various skill sets and business ventures.
  • Accelerated processing for Express Entry candidates.
  • Opportunities for entrepreneurs to thrive in a welcoming business environment.

How to Get Started?

  • Step 1: Identify the stream aligning with your skills or business goals
  • Step 2: Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Step 3: Submit your application through the streamlined NTNP process.

Embark on your Canadian journey with NTNP, where opportunities abound for skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and business visionaries. Connect with us to explore your personalized pathway to Canadian permanent residency!

How We Can Help You?

As experienced immigration consultants specializing in the Northwest Territories PNP, we are committed to providing comprehensive assistance tailored to your specific needs. Our team can assist you through the application process, from initial assessment, and document preparation to submission of the application.

Our Services Include

  • Eligibility Assessment: We evaluate your qualifications, skills, and experience to determine your eligibility for the Northwest Territories PNP.
  • Application Support: Our team assists you in preparing a strong application, ensuring all required documents are complete, accurate, and meet program criteria.
  • Interview Preparation: We provide guidance and preparation for any interviews or assessments that may be required during the application process.
  • Ongoing Support: We ensure ongoing support which includes answering all the queries, addressing concerns, and keeping the applicant informed about the entire process.

If you are ready to embark on your journey towards Canadian permanent residency through the Northwest Territories PNP, contact our team of dedicated immigration consultants today.