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Expression of Interest System (EOI)

Welcome to Quebec’s dynamic Expression of Interest System, your gateway to the coveted Quebec Skilled Worker program.

Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program invites immigrants with a special skill set to permanently settle in Quebec to meet the labor market needs. This program receives applications from skilled workers in the form of an Online Expression of Interest (EOI). Basis this information, an applicant is assessed and ranked against other applicants in the pool.

Navigate this streamlined process so that candidates with exceptional credentials take the lead in Quebec’s immigration pursuit.

What is the Quebec Expression of Interest Points System?

The Quebec Expression of Interest points system strategically ranks profiles, allowing the best to shine. The EOI is submitted through Arrima. From the date of submission, the EOIs are valid for one year and can be updated at any time, even after submission.

It is administrated under the vigil of Quebec’s Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI). This federal authority organizes regular rounds of the invitations of the selected candidates’ basis their processing capacity and the annual Quebec Immigration Levels Plan.

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How the Quebec Expression of Interest Works: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Submission of EOI Profile: Begin your journey by submitting an Expression of Interest profile online through Arrima.
  2. Pooling and Ranking: Profiles enter an EOI pool, where a points system ranks them against each other. These profiles remain valid for an entire year.
  3. Invitation to Apply: The crème de la crème, the highest-ranking candidates, receive invitations for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program through periodic draws.
  4. Full Application Submission: Invited candidates have a generous 60 days to submit a comprehensive application, progressing to the next phase.
  5. Nomination Certificate and Federal Application: Approved candidates, armed with a nomination certificate (CSQ), can then apply to the federal government for Canadian permanent residence.

Requirements for Quebec Expression of Interest (EOI)

The points system hinges on two categories:

  • Human capital factors – Include points for French language ability, age, work experience, education, and more.
  • Labor market factors – Includes assessing qualifications, professional experience, and job offers in strategic areas.
  • Candidates and their partners can amass up to 1,320 points based on human capital and Quebec labor market factors.

Note: Quebec’s strategic publication of High Demand Occupations and Areas of Training significantly influences the evaluation process.

Expression of Interest Draws Selection

Quebec introduces periodic draws from the Expression of Interest Bank, injecting an element of anticipation into the selection process.

  • Quebec’s Latest Draw: A whopping 1,220 candidates received invitations for Canada PR. Read more.
  • Recent Draw Success: In the most recent draw, 1,006 candidates secured their invitation to the next phase. Read more
  • RSWP Triumph: Quebec celebrated by inviting 1,020 candidates in the latest RSWP draw. Click here.

Latest EOI Draws 2023-2024

Date of Draw

Candidates InvitedCategoryMinimum CRS Score
Oct 26, 20231,220Regular Skilled Worker Program (RSWP)465 Points
June 22, 20231,006Regular Skilled Worker Program (RSWP)626 Points
April 20, 20231,020Regular Skilled Worker Program (RSWP)598 Points

For real-time updates on Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) draws and invitations, dive into our PNP Tracker to stay on top of the latest developments and opportunities.

Processing Times

Quebec’s Expression of Interest points system, promises a swift 6-month processing time for applications to the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. This timeline begins once the complete application is received, post-EOI, and Invitation to Apply stages.

In order to ensure that your profile is suitable to receive the highest rank, take guidance from our licensed Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC). Connect with ImmigCanada for personalized guidance, ensuring a seamless experience in your pursuit of Quebec residency.