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Quebec Experience Program (QEP)

Quebec Experience Program (QEP) is the most beneficial immigration program for all those who have already worked in Quebec and now want to permanently settle in the province.

Quebec Experience Program or Programme de l’expérience Québécoise offers a sure and fast-track route to Quebec graduates and candidates who have work experience in Quebec for attaining a Quebec Selection Certificate(QSC). This certificate is granted by the Canadian government as an invitation to apply for permanent residency in the province.

Through PEQ, the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI) aims to benefit the Quebec province with the contribution of people who have already lived here and are already well-integrated with Quebec’s values. Additionally, it is easier for an employer to hire a Quebec graduate, and it helps the government enhance the province’s demanding demographic situation as well as fulfill its immigration targets.

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PEQ is Suitable for

  • Candidates with English and French language proficiency.
  • Candidates who hold valid Quebec work experience.
  • Candidates who have studied from Quebec’s institute(s).

Candidates can choose to apply for Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) under either of the streams:

  • Temporary Foreign Workers
  • Québec Graduates

Eligibility and General Requirements

The PEQ opens doors to Canadian permanent residence by granting applicants a Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ), or Quebec Selection Certificate. To qualify for this esteemed certificate, you must meet the following general requirements:

  • Intention to Settle: It is essential to have a sincere intention to settle in Quebec to secure employment.
  • Temporary Residence Compliance: Applicants must have temporarily resided in Quebec while adhering to the conditions of their stay, primarily focusing on work or study goals.
  • French Language Proficiency: A demonstration of advanced intermediate oral French proficiency is mandatory. This also applies to accompanying spouses.
  • Financial Responsibility: Candidates need to prove their ability to support themselves, their spouse or de facto spouse, and dependent children for a minimum of 3 months.
  • Age and Passport: Being at least 18 years old and holding a valid passport are prerequisites.
  • French language proficiency: can be showcased through various methods, including accepted French language tests, transcripts attesting to full-time study in French, or even a professional license from a Quebec order.

Specific Requirements for Different Applicant Categories

1. Quebec Experience Program for International Students:

For those applying as international students, these additional requirements apply:

  • Temporary Quebec Residency: Temporary residence in Quebec for the primary purpose of studying, while complying with stay conditions.
  • Duration of Quebec Stay: Applicants must have resided in Quebec for at least half the duration of their study program.
  • Eligible Quebec Diploma: Holding a recognized Quebec diploma is necessary.
  • Work Experience: Depending on the diploma, a certain duration of work experience in specified occupations is mandatory.
  • Quebec Residence: If applying within Quebec, legal residence in the province during the application submission is essential.

2. Quebec Experience Program for Foreign Workers:

Temporary foreign workers interested in the PEQ need to satisfy the following conditions:

  • Legal Presence in Quebec: Applicants must be legally in Quebec as skilled temporary foreign workers or under specific exchange programs.
  • Relevant Work Experience: A minimum of 24 months of full-time work at the management, professional, or technical level within the last 36 months prior to application is required.
  • Current Employment: While submitting your application, a candidate must hold a full-time position in any professional, or technical field.

Transitioning Measures for New Regulations

Changes to the PEQ regulations were introduced on July 22, 2020, altering selection criteria. However, transitional measures are in place for those who started their application process or met certain criteria before this date.

The Quebec Experience Class Program (PEQ) stands as an excellent pathway for individuals aspiring to make Quebec their permanent home. By recognizing the significance of language proficiency and prior work experience within the province, PEQ streamlines the process toward Canadian permanent residence. The program’s priority status ensures a swifter application journey, offering a unique opportunity to integrate into Quebec’s vibrant society and contribute to its diverse communities.

If you’re looking to embark on your journey toward Canadian immigration through the Quebec Experience Program, be sure to explore the specifics of each applicant category and take advantage of the transitional measures in place. With a strong foundation in French proficiency and a commitment to your career and studies, the PEQ could be your key to a fulfilling life in beautiful Quebec.

Steps for Processing PEQ Application:

  • Begin with choosing a suitable stream as per your profile and filling in selection application forms, accordingly.
  • Collect the supporting documents as cited in the application form.
  • Create your profile on Arrima. Click here
  • Further, prepare and submit the full application package for selection.
  • Next step is to submit the processing fees of the application.

The MIFI will review and approve the application within six months of its submission

To know more about PEQ or to seek guidance for successful processing the PEQ application, you can contact our immigration consultants. Our RCICs hold immense experience in the immigration domain and have helped numerous candidates gain Canada immigration without hassle.