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At ImmigCanada, We Make the Entire Process Easier, Faster, and More Efficient

Whether you are a family looking to immigrate as a skilled worker or an entrepreneur looking to start a new business, we can help you to immigrate to Canada through a wide range of immigration services.

How ImmigCanada makes the entire process easier, faster, and more efficient? Our RCICs can guide you every step of the way, so you will always remain one step closer to achieving your immigration goals. As our Canadian immigration procedure is backed by full-profile immigration evaluation across Federal and Provincial streams, we commit to assisting you throughout your immigration journey.

To initiate the entire Canadian immigration process, you can pay our full-service fee of $3000 in easy instalments.

Let’s Understand Our Services and Deliverables in Detail!

Our service offering under the immigration procedure will bring a wide range of advantages to your profile. From building a preliminary evaluation profile to determining your eligibility, and submission of documents, we can leverage your immigration chances promptly.

Sign in For the Following Value-Driven Benefits;

1. EES (Express Entry System) Profile Building and Management

Our RCICs will begin by gathering your profile information and analysing it to determine the most appropriate immigration pathway for you. We will help you meet the Express Entry requirements as well as the criteria for one of the three Express Entry Immigration programs: Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and Canadian Experience Class.

2. Credentials Optimization

Through our RCIC’s recommendations, you can enhance or optimize your credentials under one or more immigration programs.

3. Establishing The Best Immigration Strategy

Contact our agents to discuss the best immigration strategy according to your qualifications and recommendations.

Not qualified under any immigration program? Don’t worry! Get personalized assistance before signing up for your dream program.

4. Document Checklist With the Assigned Specialist

With our expertise, we ensure that your application has no loopholes. Get access to a 100% hassle-free document collection process.

5. PNP Evaluation and Legal Representation

If you are a skilled worker, we can assist you in evaluating your PNP requirements and getting a permanent residency in Canada in the most successful way. Our trusted and authorized RCIC consultants can provide you with effective legal representation services!

6. EOI (Expression of Interest letters) Filing for PNP

Get pre-application PR filling assistance to indicate your interest, assess your eligibility, and display your qualifications. Once satisfied, our team will finally send the Expression of Interest (EOI) to the relevant authorities.

7. IELTS Training and Score Improvements

Learn all the tricks and tips to improve your IELTS score and make an incredible impact on your CRS profile.

8. Government Job Bank Access (Pre-landing)

We can help you with the Job Bank registration for better job search assistance in Canada.
If you have an express entry profile, you may be entitled to receive premium access to the job bank. The prime access will not only enable you to look out for employers but they can also preview your job profile instantly.

9. Post Landing Services

The post-landing services are accessible once the customer gets a PR status and lands in Canada successfully. The services would include: 

The Services Include:

  • Access to a team of head hunters and recruiters that would assist in finding the best-suited job opportunities;
  • Developing and Executing a self-marketing plan for you and your spouse
  • LinkedIn Profile Development/ Professional CV/Resume Writing for you (and your spouse);
  • Online Mock Video Interviewing Practice Sessions for you (and your spouse);
  • Access to multi-media assets to help you match job opportunities based on your profile and the Canadian Job Market;
  • Access to counselor support to answer your questions via email and or chat
  • Regular updates from our team about the provinces where your skill and expertise are currently in-demand.

We will help you navigate through the jobs at places in Canada where your skills are needed the most!

10. End-to-end PR Assistance

Once the ITA (Invitation to Apply) is approved, our team will assist you with the PR filling and regular follow-ups until we get the final approval.

11. Get Insured Service For Any Error and Omission

Feel free to ask for a 100% refund if you receive any rejection from the Canadian government due to an error made by the RCIC.

12. RCIC Direct Contact

Get 24*7 legal assistance from our authorized RCICs for a seamless immigration process. It is always safe to choose regulated agents over local consultants who have limited visibility.

Taking advantage of our flexible application process and multiple options to apply for permanent residence may improve your chances of getting selected.


Loved by Customers and Individuals


ImmigCanada and its team were very supportive and helpful to my immigration needs. I have never seen such dedicated people around me. Honestly, through their 3-step immigration process, I am here in Canada living a comfortable and quality life. Thank you, team! Hope everyone finds support like you.


It gives me immense pleasure in sharing my immigration dream come true. I am a skilled worker and I wanted to immigrate to Canada for job opportunities. I had no documents at that time. I was not even aware of the immigration process. But luckily I found this immigration consulting firm and my problems turned into life-changing experiences. Good work #teamImmigCanada.

Suing Chian

Much thanks to Eivy and her team @ImmigCanada.Without her skill and knowledge I could never have endured this difficult immigration cycle. She and her team kept me educated and directed all through the whole system. Just in case, if you are too not able to manage your paperwork, ask for their assistance. I too got an option to get my document recorded promptly.

Maria, Kimberley

South Africa

I used to believe the immigration process was a simple one, but now that I have got my study visa, I acknowledge the efforts and outstanding visa services offered by the immigration company ‘ImmigCanada’. Thankful for the team’s continuous support and help.


Saudi Arabia
The last three years were so challenging for me. I had a dream of immigrating to Canada to pursue my diploma in Financial management. I had no clue where I should begin. One day, out of nowhere, I got a call from one of my friends who is in Canada right now. He narrated his story and successful journey with this immigration consulting firm- ImmigCanada. Since that day, I am grateful to be connected with Eivy and the team.

Zoshua Davao


Thank you Eivy and the whole team of ImmigCanada. You have genuinely turned my dream into reality. No other immigration consultant company could have guided me and my family in the immigration process as you have done. The least I can do is tell other struggling immigrants about you.

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