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With all the immigration complexities like policies, laws and visa opportunities, knowing what to apply or how to apply becomes really confusing. Fortunately, our RCICs (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants) are here to walk you through the difficulties of your immigration process.

Our Canadian immigration services comprise of the following three phases:

1. Immigration Setup Package:

We start your immigration process by setting up the initial evaluation of your profile to seek whether you meet our internal requirements or not. Our Immigration Setup Package would cost USD 750, which will include a comprehensive evaluation report of the applicant. Also, this evaluation process consists of the following stages:

Immigration Profile Evaluation

We will start by gathering your profile information which is relevant to the evaluation process.The RCIC will then analyze your profile and determine the immigration programs you qualify under.

Credentials Optimization

During the evaluation process, the RCIC may provide recommendations that optimize your credentials under one immigration program or more, to obtain the maximum score in each program. When applying as a couple, the RCIC will also determine the identity of the primary applicant.

Establishing The Best Immigration Strategy

Once the evaluation results are final, and upon positive results, our agents will contact you once again to discuss the best immigration strategy according to your qualifications and as per the RCIC’s recommendations.


2. Full Evaluation Package

After your initial profile assessment, we will commence the process further by determining your eligibility in a particular program according to RCIC’s recommendations. This process will cost according to the program you qualify under. You will have to pay approximately USD 3,000 depending upon the program. This process further takes place in the following stages:

Collection of Documents

Upon signing up for the legal consultation, applicants are provided with a checklist of documents to collate to create a CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) profile. Our Experts will assist with all the mandatory paperwork and filing – all of which must be correctly compiled and correctly completed to avoid any discrepancy at the time of submission.

Legal Consultation

After collection of the mandatory documents, we will help you with the legal assistance on how to create a profile on ECA and what IELTS score you require to qualify the process to improve your chances to immigrate to Canada.

Submission of Documents

Here, we will assist you with the submission of your collated documents that you’ve prepared at the earlier stage. Also, we will send an Expression of Interest to the relevant authorities (if required).

3. Submission of Application

Once the ITA (Invitation to Apply) is approved, we will assist you with the PR filling with CIC, and regular follow-ups will be taken with the authorities until we receive the final approval.

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