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An Introduction to CICC, RCIC, and CAPIC

Let’s learn about the terms often used in the world of immigration.

An Introduction to CICC, RCIC, and CAPIC

When applicants do not know about immigration, it is obvious that they are not familiar with too many immigration abbreviations and acronyms. Thus, the following piece of content is curated to help you understand the different terms of immigration.

What is CICC?

CICC stands for College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants. It is the new professional immigration regulatory body of Canada that regulates all the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs).

What does CICC Do?

The self-regulatory institution CICC exists to permit representatives to do Canadian immigration and citizenship consulting. They build stringent rules, and policies to control the immigration consultants in compliance with the provision of citizenship and consulting services. Assuming that RCICs are found practicing unlawful exercise, they might deal with extreme penal punishments.

What is RCIC?

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) are certified and authorized representatives, which play the role of immigration and citizenship consulting for immigrants in Canada.

What Role Does RCIC Play?

RCIC’s immigration consultants will create an immigration strategy as per the needs of newcomers in Canada. An RCIC representative helps you when applying to immigrate to Canada.

You can obtain immigration services from a consultant before and after you obtain a visa. These services may include eligibility evaluation, immigration support, or suggesting the best pathway programs for PR.

What is CAPIC?

CAPIC stands for the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants – a professional organization for immigration and citizenship consultants.

What Does CAPIC Do?

CAPIC is the true voice of immigration consultants who are connected with the regulator, government stakeholders partners, and other key immigration domains. The body is committed to promoting and protecting the integrity of the profession and the immigration system.

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