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British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

British Columbia PNP permits individuals looking to settle in Canada as permanent residents. This stream is exclusively designed to invite people with the skills and experience required to fulfill the province’s labour shortages. BC PNP comprises various pathways tailored to meet the needs of various categories such as skilled workers, investors, or entrepreneurs. British Columbia conducts the latest PNP draw on a regular basis and shortlists the highest-scoring applicants by issuing ITAs to them through BC PNP.

Benefits of the BC PNP

The BC PNP provides numerous perks to the shortlisted applicants. By attaining permanent residence status through this program, immigrant gets access to high-quality healthcare, education, and various other social benefits. This Canadian province offers a multicultural environment, diverse career opportunities with a strong economy, and growing industries.

Categories of the British Columbia PNP

The BC PNP is divided into three main categories: British Columbia Skills Immigration, British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration, and BC PNP Tech. Each category targets specific immigration streams tailored to different types of applicants.

British Columbia Skills Immigration

The British Columbia Skills Immigration category targets foreign nationals who possess the necessary skills to contribute to BC’s workforce. This category emphasizes immigrants with employment prospects in the province and the ability to secure and maintain employment as BC residents. The streams within BC Skills Immigration include:

British Columbia Skilled Worker: This stream is designed for individuals with experience and qualifications in high-demand occupations in BC.

British Columbia Healthcare Professional: This stream is for healthcare professionals who meet the requirements to work in the province.

British Columbia International Graduate: Graduates from eligible BC post-secondary institutions can apply for this stream to start their careers in the province.

British Columbia International Post-Graduate: This stream is specifically for international graduates who have completed advanced degrees in eligible programs in BC.

British Columbia Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker (ELSS): This stream is targeted towards individuals who have entry-level or semi-skilled work experience in eligible occupations in BC.

British Columbia Express Entry

While candidates are not required to be eligible for Express Entry to apply to the BC Skills Immigration streams, many of the programs offer an accelerated pathway to permanent residence for eligible candidates who have an active Express Entry profile.

British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration

The British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration category is designed for foreign nationals and foreign companies with a successful track record in business ownership, management, and investment. This category provides opportunities for individual entrepreneurs with significant personal net worth and international corporations with high annual revenues to establish new enterprises in British Columbia. The streams within British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration include:

British Columbia Entrepreneur:

This stream is for experienced entrepreneurs who are willing to invest in and actively manage a business in BC.

British Columbia Entrepreneur Regional Pilot:

This stream targets entrepreneurs interested in starting businesses in regional communities with populations of fewer than 75,000 people.

British Columbia Strategic Projects:

This stream is for foreign-controlled companies that want to establish a major business project in BC.


BC PNP Tech is an immigration program specifically tailored for skilled foreign nationals working in in-demand tech occupations in British Columbia. It is closely aligned with the BC Skills Immigration category, and interested applicants should review the various streams within the Skills Immigration category to find the best fit for their qualifications and experience. British Columbia PNP Tech offers eligible foreign nationals faster processing and additional resources for their applications.