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Health Insurance for Students in Canada

Studying in Canada? Understanding health insurance is crucial. This ImmigCanada guide provides insights into provincial policies to help you make informed decisions about your well-being.

Understanding Health Insurance in Canada

Before you start your academic journey in Canada, research health insurance options in your intended province. International students are obligated to have health insurance throughout their stay. While some provinces offer coverage, others require private insurance, often available through your Canadian institution. Institutions in provinces without provincial healthcare coverage may mandate health plans or offer optional ones.

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Health Insurance Policies in Canadian Provinces

Here’s a breakdown of provincial policies:

ProvincesCoverageRequirementsApplication Processing
Alberta  YESMinimum 12-month study permitMinimum 12-month residence in AlbertaStudents under 18 added to a parent or guardian’s insurance  Within 90 days of arrival  
British Columbia  YESMinimum six-month study permitNote: Coverage begins after 3 months.
Apply immediately upon arrival

Manitoba  YESMinimum six-month study permitMinimum six-month residency per calendar year  
New Brunswick

YESPrivate insurance is required; institutions may offer optional or mandatory plans.

Newfoundland and Labrador

YESMinimum 12-month study permit   
Northwest Territories  YESMinimum 12-month study permit   
Nova ScotiaYESMinimum 12-month study permitApply on the first day of the thirteenth month following arrival  
Ontario  NO –Note: Most Ontario universities offer the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP). International students must enroll unless exempt.

Prince Edward IslandNOPrivate insurance required; institutions may offer optional or mandatory plans.


NO, with exceptionsExceptions: Students from specific countries and certain scholarships may be eligible.
Otherwise, private insurance is mandatory.  
Saskatchewan  YESStudy permit and proof of full-time enrollment  
Yukon  NO

Contact ImmigCanada for Assistance!

Navigating health insurance can be complex. The ImmigCanada Firm is here to help. Schedule a free telephone consultation with our RCIC for expert guidance on studying in Canada.

Explore your educational journey in Canada with confidence—prioritize your well-being with the right health insurance.