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Why Hire an RCIC?

Let our RCIC Consultants Take the First Step for You!

Why Hire an RCIC?

Now that you know who an RCIC consultant is, you may think that your mission to immigrate to Canada is partially accomplished. But what about the rest of the journey? While it’s true that you could navigate the Canadian immigration system alone if you understand it thoroughly, there are several pitfalls that could cross your path during the process. Therefore, the answer to the question of whether or not you should hire a Canadian immigration consultant is a resounding “yes”. Investing in an RCIC will save you time, energy, and possibly your future in Canada.

What are the Exclusive Powers of an RCIC Immigration Consultant?

An immigration expert helps businesses with a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) if required and assists the up-and-comer with the work permit application assuming one has a Canadian job offer in Canada. Having a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) close by can help you to forestall errors on your application. RCICs are updated with the most recent changes in the program and application cycle. An immigration consultant might distinguish programs that one isn’t beforehand mindful of and guide you with which is great for you to proceed.

Why You Should Hire an RCIC?

  • The RCIC consultants are licensed professionals who have received comprehensive education about the entire immigration system
  • Takes care of each and every immigration update on any strategy and other permitting necessities that are recorded in the Canadian immigration spectrum. It is only through their profound education and knowledge about the immigration application process that a specialist can help you in getting valuable results.
  • They are experts in Immigration and hence offer immigration services and solutions tailored to your needs.
  • They help, consult and represent just like your personal immigration guide throughout the process.
  • An RCIC consultant will monitor all the documentation work while incorporating and submitting them on time.

Loved by Customers and Individuals

Zoshua Davao

Thank you Eivy and the whole team of ImmigCanada. You have genuinely turned my dream into reality. No other immigration consultant company could have guided me and my family in the immigration process as you have done. The least I can do is tell other struggling immigrants about you.

Maria Kimberley

South Africa
I used to believe the immigration process was a simple one, but now that I have got my study visa, I acknowledge the efforts and outstanding visa services offered by the immigration company ‘ImmigCanada’. Thankful for the team’s continuous support and help.

Priya Dureja

With so many Immigration firms across the world, why I have chosen ImmigCanada firm is because of its credibility. They do what they promise with their clients. I got my permanent residence status in Canada in 2021 and I just wish the team of ImmigCanada big congratulations.

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