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Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) incepted The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) to facilitate a channel for skilled trades workers to immigrate to Canada. This pathway comes under Canada’s Express Entry system.

Addressing Labor Shortages Through FSTP

The FSTP emerges as a crucial response to address labor shortages in various trades and occupations across Canada. With the nation grappling with demographic shifts and a declining birth rate, immigration plays a pivotal role in sustaining the country’s workforce and fostering economic growth. This program is a tangible testament to the Canadian government’s commitment to welcoming skilled trades professionals who can contribute significantly to the nation’s labor force.

Navigating the Pathway: How FSTP Immigration Works

Embarking on your journey with the FSTP is a structured process facilitated through Canada’s Express Entry system. To participate in this program, one needs to fulfill the eligibility requirements or else meet the eligibility criteria for Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) or Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements for (FST) Program Applicants

To be eligible for the FSTP, the candidate must meet the following requirements relating to language ability, work experience, and more.

Language Levels Requirements

  • The candidate must provide proof of basic language proficiency in four categories (writing, reading, listening, and speaking);
  • Test scores must be either in French or English.
  • The language requirements are entirely based on Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLBs) and must be taken from a designated language testing organization. To qualify for the language tests, the candidates must score;
  • Minimum CLB Level 4 in writing and reading (either in English or French)
  • Minimum CLB Level 5 in listening and speaking tests (either in English or French)

Note: A language test is valid for two years after the date of the test result. So, it must be valid when you apply for permanent residency.

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Express Entry Process
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Skilled Trade Work Experience

The Federal Skilled Trades Program classifies skilled trade occupations according to National Occupational Classification (NOC) groups. Each group is from either TEER 2 or TEER 3 according to the revised NOC 2021.

To get a NOC certification, you need to demonstrate that candidates must have completed the duties outlined in the NOC’s occupational guidelines as follows;

  • Must have performed at least some of the primary duties described in the NOC description of the position, as well as at least some of the actions described in the lead statement.
  • Have an offer of employment in Canada
  • Occupation must be either under the TEER 2 or TEER 3 category of the National Occupational Classification (NOC).
  • Wages and working conditions must be comparable to those available to Canadians in the same profession.
  • Be able to demonstrate the skills and experience and that they have performed the essential duties of the occupation.
  • Minimum 2 years of full-time or equivalent of part-time work (3,120) hours in a skilled trade within the last 5 years of applying. One can meet this in a few different ways:
  • Have valid job offers of continuous, paid, full-time work from up to two employers: 30 hours/week for 1 year; OR
  • Get a certificate of qualification from a provincial or territorial body

To receive a certificate, a provincial or territorial trades authority must assess your educational background, trade experience, and skills.

Education Requirements

There are no specific education requirements under the Federal Skilled Trades Program. However, to earn points under the express entry, the candidates need to have either;

  • A Canadian post-secondary certificate or diploma or a degree, if attended school in Canada; or
  • A complete foreign credential with an ECA, if attended a school outside of Canada

Proof of Funds

To settle in Canada, candidates must demonstrate that they have enough funds to support themselves and their dependents in Canada. However, not required to show proof if;

  • Currently able to legally work in Canada
  • Have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer

Benefits of Choosing FSTP: Your Pathway to Permanent Residency

Opting for the FSTP presents an array of advantages for skilled trades professionals aspiring to call Canada their home. Successful candidates under the Express Entry system, typically through FSTP, often secure their permanent residency status within a remarkable six-month timeframe. This expedited process is made possible by factors such as targeted criteria and program-specific draws initiated by IRCC. These draws exclusively invite FSTP candidates, further increasing your chances of securing an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency.

Discover the possibilities that the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) opens up for your journey to Canada. If you’re intrigued by this pathway, explore the diverse options within Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), and Quebec immigration. At ImmigCanada, we’re here to guide you every step of the way, helping you fulfill your dream of becoming a part of Canada’s skilled trades workforce.

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