Latest Arrima Draw

Quebec Extended 1,036 Invitations in the Latest Arrima Draw

On April 23, 2024, MIFI unveiled the results of the latest Arrima draw, extending invitations to 1,036 candidates. These individuals had to meet specific criteria, including a minimum score of 536, proficiency in French, and a valid job offer outside the Montreal Metropolitan Community.

Understanding the Arrima Draw

Quebec’s Ministry of Immigration (MIFI) recently conducted its 62nd invitation round through the Arrima online system, offering aspiring immigrants opportunities under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Understanding the intricacies of this draw and the invitation process is crucial for prospective applicants.

Invitation Process

Once candidates express their interest through Arrima, their profiles enter the Expression of Interest bank. From there, those aligning with Quebec’s needs and exhibiting potential for French integration receive invitations to submit permanent selection applications. Regularly updating your expression of interest is essential to maximize your chances of receiving an invitation.

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Criteria for Invitation

Invitations are issued based on various criteria, including human capital factors like language proficiency, age, education, and professional experience. Additionally, the needs of Quebec’s labor market and government priorities influence invitation decisions. Spousal criteria and other factors may also play a role in determining eligibility.

Scoring System

All criteria are assigned scores, which are then used to rank candidates in the Expression of Interest bank. Higher scores increase the likelihood of receiving an invitation. Applicants can assess their potential scores using the self-assessment tool available on Arrima, though it’s important to note that this tool provides estimates and not guarantees.

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Invitation Exercises in 2024

Throughout 2024, MIFI conducted invitation exercises based on specific criteria. For instance, individuals with a French proficiency level of 7 or higher were invited to apply for permanent selection. Moreover, candidates in certain occupations or with confirmed job offers outside Montreal’s metropolitan area were also eligible for invitations. Navigating Quebec’s Arrima draw requires a clear understanding of the invitation process, criteria, and scoring system.

By staying informed and ensuring alignment with Quebec’s immigration priorities, aspiring immigrants can enhance their chances of receiving invitations for permanent selection. As Quebec continues to welcome skilled individuals who contribute to its vibrant communities, the Arrima draw remains a significant pathway for those seeking to build their future in the province.

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