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Navigating Quebec’s Work Permit Application Process: What You Need to Know

Quebec, a province renowned for its unique culture and vibrant economy, attracts individuals from around the world seeking employment opportunities. Recently, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced updates regarding the acceptance of work permit applications for Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) holders residing outside Quebec.

Understanding the Updates

As of 2023, a maximum of 7,350 work permit applications will be accepted each calendar year for CSQ holders under the International Mobility Program. This update aims to streamline the application process and ensure efficiency. However, it’s essential to note that this cap may be subject to change based on annual program reviews.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a work permit under this program, applicants must meet specific requirements. They must have submitted their application online through an IRCC Secure Account, reside outside Quebec, intend to work and reside in Quebec, and possess a valid CSQ. Additionally, applicants must provide proof of residency and a letter of invitation from the Government of Quebec.

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Application Assessment and Processing Cap

Applications will undergo a significant benefit assessment to determine eligibility. With a cap of 7,350 applications per year, all submissions will be counted against this limit, regardless of approval status. The Operations Planning and Performance Branch will monitor application intake and provide regular updates on processing status.

Cancellation of Exceeding Applications

Once the cap is reached, applications exceeding the limit will be canceled, and a public notice will be issued on IRCC’s website. Biometric instruction letters for over-the-cap applications will be automatically canceled, and processing fees will be refunded promptly.

Receipt of Applications

Applications submitted outside Quebec will be processed by the relevant migration office or the Centralized Network, depending on the applicant’s location. Applicants must ensure proper completion of forms and submission of required documents to facilitate processing. Navigating the work permit application process for Quebec can be complex, but with a clear understanding of the latest updates and eligibility criteria, prospective applicants can approach the process with confidence.

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Quebec’s International Mobility Program offers valuable opportunities for skilled individuals to contribute to the province’s cultural and economic growth. By staying informed and prepared, applicants can maximize their chances of success in securing a work permit for Quebec.

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