4 Reasons why Atlantic Provinces are Best for Canada Skilled Worker Immigration (2)

4 Reasons why Atlantic Provinces are Best for Canada Skilled Worker Immigration

4 Reasons why Atlantic Provinces are Best for Canada Skilled Worker Immigration

Unlike other countries, Canada does not have a centralized immigration system where the federal government is the sole agency in charge of all the immigration programs in the country. All Canadian provinces are free to setup their own provincial immigration programs and streams.

A skilled worker or international graduate who is nominated by a province just has to fulfill federal requirements related to health, character, and funds to qualify for permanent residence. This means choosing the right province is an extremely important decision when immigrating o Canada.

Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta received the largest number of Canadian immigrants in 2020. However, this does not mean you should blindly focus on the top-three provinces. Read ahead to know why the four Atlantic provinces must be on your list of top provinces for Canadian immigration.

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Reason 1—The Demographic Factor

Canada is aggressively pursuing immigrants because the country’s demographics require such an approach. Canada is facing the twin problem of an aging population and a very low birth rate. This means the population of seniors is growing faster than the number of working-age youngsters in the country.

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Since this will be very negative for Canada’s economic growth, the government is trying to negate this demographic disadvantage by boosting skilled worker immigration.

Now, where do the Atlantic provinces stand in terms of the demographics? Atlantic Canada already has the highest proportion of aged individuals in Canada. This population is expected to jump by more than 30 percent over the next 20 years.  

By 2040, there will be three aged individuals for every two young persons and this trend is expected to push healthcare costs by close to 30 percent.

The Atlantic provinces need more young workers to generate value for its economy and to boost revenues so that the province can provide for the cost of taking care of its senior citizens. Since there’s a direct link between population growth and economic growth, these four provinces are likely to focus on creating more immigrant-friendly policies in the years ahead.

Reason 2—Low Population Density

What’s the guarantee that the world won’t seen another pandemic in the coming years? The risk of quick spread of infections is always very high in big and congested cities. This is probably why the four Atlantic provinces have outperformed all other provinces in controlling the spread of Covid-19 virus.

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The vast open spaces and the low density of population has worked in favor of these provinces. If you want a safer environment for yourself and your family, then it’s better to avoid the congested top-three destinations and choose the Atlantic provinces instead.

Reason 3—Remote Working Advantage

Provincial programs require intent to settle in the specific province but federal programs don’t have any such restriction. With remote working gaining wider acceptability, you can always work for an employer in Toronto, Victoria, or Vancouver without necessarily living in these expensive cities.

This approach allows you to enjoy the lifestyle advantages offered by the Atlantic provinces along with the career advantages found in the big tech and life sciences hubs of Canada.

Reason 4—Comprehensive Settlement Assistance

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot program (AIPP) is popular primarily because it was the first region-specific immigration pilot in Canada. However, one important but less-noted feature of this program is the mandate on employers to provide comprehensive settlement services to AIPP applicants.

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Employers work with professional settlement service providers to help immigrants get introduced to the Canadian lifestyle. This is an extremely important advantage for those planning on moving to Canada with their entire family.

Settling quicky in any of the four provinces with professional assistance related to housing, educational facilities, and other basic facilities can help you and your family embrace the Canadian way of life with minimal hassles and troubles.

Ontario’s provincial nomination program encourages business immigrants to setup ventures outside the Greater Toronto Area by offering the advantage of lower minimum investment requirements.

Such measures indicate that there is growing preference to settle investors and skilled workers outside the top 2-3 provinces or cities preferred by immigrants. Catching this trend early will help you identify a simpler, faster, and easier route to permanent residence in Canada.

This can prove to be an extremely far-sighted and strategic approach that allows you to bypass the disruptions caused by the pandemic and secure a job offer as well as an Invitation to Apply for Canadian permanent residence.  

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