How Do I Find a Good Canadian Employer 6 Points to Help you Identify the Right Employer in Canada!

How Do I Find a Good Canadian Employer? 6 Points to Help you Identify the Right Employer in Canada!

How Do I Find a Good Canadian Employer? 6 Points to Help you Identify the Right Employer in Canada!   

Canada has a very stable, predictable and transparent immigration policy. Any experienced immigration professional can tell you which programs you are eligible for after assessing your profile.

Application procedures are simple and selection rounds for issuing Invitations to Apply are done regularly. All this means the toughest part about immigrating to Canada often is finding a job.

2019 saw more than 60,000 new job opportunities for students and new graduates in Canada. These included summer jobs, internships, and coop placements.  

Finding the Best Canadian Employer

An inexperienced job searcher will focus just on the salary when comparing job offers. However, there’s more to finding a good employer than just the salary. Money is important but there are other factors that are equally important that you must assess and consider.

Co-op or Work-Study Programs


An employer who recognizes your potential when you are a student and is ready to hire you on a coop visa is probably the best option for you. Finding such an employer would mean you are set in your career even before you complete your studies.

Of course, this means you must begin your search for a Canadian employer even as you are assessing your study options in Canada. Obviously, you will need an immigration professional at hand to ensure you make the correct choices.

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Tuition Assistance

If you have already graduated, then assess an employer based on whether they offer tuition assistance or not. A good employer will always encourage employees to continue learning. An employer who is ready to help you with tuition assistance will be a very good choice for your career.

Studying in Canada is not as expensive as the US or European countries. However, tuition assistance from the employer can help you avoid student debt. This is a good way to add a Canadian Master’s degree to your profile without worrying about losing your job or not working through your advance degree.

Mentorship and Training Programs

Not all employers can afford to allow their employees to take time off to join a formal study course. But this doesn’t mean training and upskilling will stop. A good employer will have mentorship and internal training programs to stay ahead of the competition.

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The long-term benefits of such programs cannot be measured by money alone. Choosing such an employer over a job with a higher take home pay can prove to be a fantastic decision for your long-term prospects.

Support for Remote Working

Support for remote working is the best indicator to assess an employer’s willingness to embrace innovative and disruptive ideas. Choosing an employer who is open to such an arrangement can help you enjoy tremendous advantage in choosing your province of study or residence.

You can work for an employer in Vancouver and yet avoid high house rentals and high cost of living by working remotely from a smaller and less-expensive city or rural community.

Remote working is an evolving concept, which means both you and your employer must be prepared for a trial-and-error approach. An employer who is open to such an arrangement would definitely have more nimble and agile business policies and practices as compared to a business that simply rejects the idea of remote working.

Internal Growth and Learning Opportunities

Employers who encourage friendly internal competition through case studies, presentations, and other contests are always preferable to those who simply expect you to focus on your job responsibilities in the office.

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In the long run, such a working environment can help hone your skills, improve your competitiveness, and enable you to network with like-minded professionals.

Immigration Support

This is very important because Canada’s work permit regime allows hiring of foreign workers strictly as a temporary measure.

One condition for a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment is submission of a transition plan. This plan must show how the employer is training Canadian citizens or residents for the position for which foreign worker is being hired.

Or, the employer must assist the foreign worker’s permanent residence application to ensure the position will eventually be filled by a Canadian permanent resident.

Absence of immigration support means your position is likely to be a temporary position with no real long-term prospects.

While your take-home salary is very important, a young graduate or professional beginning his or her career must definitely consider the above-mentioned points when comparing employers. A business that ticks all these boxes can help you create a great foundation for a high-flying career in the future.

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