Jobs, Jobs, Jobs—the X-factor that Makes Canada the Best Choice for Foreign Skilled Workers


Jobs, Jobs, Jobs—the X-factor that Makes Canada the Best Choice for Foreign Skilled Workers

What’s the most important factor that a skilled worker must consider when exploring job opportunities in foreign countries? Liberal work permit rules and immigration procedures help, but there’s a far more important factor that you must consider.

Jobs Matter!

Jobs! You cannot apply for a work permit without a valid job offer in hand, can you? Without job opportunities, there’s no sense in even thinking about moving to a foreign country, right?

Secondly, jobs are important from the long-term perspective as well. The presence of big companies offering newer challenges and opportunities will help you grow in your career. There’s nothing to be gained by simply doing the same job in the same designation in a foreign country for decades, right?

Finally, good job growth in the country is very important from a long-term perspective. If permanent residence is an option down the road, then big companies moving into the country may be a very positive development.

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Top Destination for Jobs—Canada

Canada must rank at the top of your list of potential work destinations because it ticks virtually all the boxes when it comes to jobs.

Unlike other countries, Canada has a demographic requirement for young skilled workers from abroad. Canada’s aging population means that attracting skilled workers from India, Vietnam, or other emerging economies is essential for its economic stability.

Next, there has been a steady increase in the number of big American companies setting up or expanding their presence in Canada. This is not a short-term trend that’s related to Trump’s anti-immigrant policies in the US.

Toronto is ranked fourth among Canadian and US cities that attract maximum tech talent and has outpaced even Silicon Valley in the rate at which its tech workforce has grown. Despite the devastating impact of the pandemic, Amazon is adding around 3000 jobs in Vancouver and 500 jobs in Toronto.

And this announcement came in September 2020 when there was no clarity on the vaccine and on whether the pandemic will be tamed soon or not. More and more companies are expected to ramp up hiring as the pandemic comes under control. This will mean more job opportunities for all.

Canada Work Permit and Immigration Options

Any high-end tech job will help you qualify for the two-week processing under the Global Talent Stream of the TFWP. Getting a work permit is the best option if you don’t have adequate work experience to qualify under the FSWP.

There’s no point creating an Express Entry profile when your CRS score is unlikely to be high enough to help you qualify for an ITA. Instead, get a job, qualify for a work permit, and then use the work experience and job offer to get the 200-point CRS score boost and qualify for the permanent residence ITA.

Work permits and Express Entry apart, you can check out tech-centric provincial nomination programs like the British Columbia Tech Pilot. Of course, there are scores of PNP streams for professionals and other skilled occupations.

These streams give you a direct shot at permanent residence as long as you can prove intent to settle in a specific province.

Finally, you can explore the Atlantic Pilot and community-centric pilot programs that are comparatively easier to qualify as compared to other work and immigration options in Canada.

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