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4 Reasons Why Canada is a More Student-Friendly Destination Than The US


4 Reasons Why Canada is a More Student-Friendly Destination Than The US

The US has seen decline in international enrollments for four consecutive years. In contrast, there has been steady increase in number of foreign students seeking admission in Canadian institutions and universities.

Here are four reasons why Canada has trumped the US as the world’s preferred destination for foreign students.

Quality Education

Over the years, Canada has worked on improving the quality of its educational institutions. While top-tier US universities may enjoy good brand value, there is very little separating Canada and the US in terms of quality of education.

China and India account for more than half of the international enrollments, which means Indian professionals as well as Indian students have switched their preference from the US to Canada.

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Immigration Policy

Refugees may have to put up with unfriendly immigration policies in developed countries but intelligent students seeking to become qualified skilled workers and entrepreneurs are less likely to be treated as unwanted foreign entrants.

The pandemic was used as an excuse by the US to shut down its immigration system. In contract, Canada has done all in its powers to make it easier for immigrants to enter the country. It has even increased its immigration target to make up for the shortfall in immigration resulting from the pandemic.

Canada welcomes foreign talent while the US does not want even skilled workers anymore. A sensible and transparent immigration policy is a very significant factor for a student seeking a better life abroad, which is why Canada is being preferred over the US.

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Merit-Centric and Stable Post-Study Immigration System

A foreign student seeking admission in Canada can strategically choose his/her options to easily qualify for the Post-Graduation work permit followed by the TFWP work permit or Express Entry PR application.

Or, he or she can explore provincial nomination options, including entrepreneur programs, for fast-track permanent residence.

In contrast, changes to the H-1B visa program have effectively destroyed the study-work-settle setup for international students in the US. Further, controversial proposals to make the F1 student visa a ‘fixed time period’ visa and restricting Optional Practical Training work visa has make it impossible for a foreign student to be certain about post-study options in the US.

Canada’s Booming Tech Sector

The US was preferred by tech students because it offered a robust ecosystem that combined quality education with cutting-edge research and good post-study opportunities. Today, Canada has stepped up its game and has a booming tech sector.

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Big companies have either moved or set up offices in Canada. The Canadian government has deployed multiple measures to create multiple tech hubs in different parts of the country. The Global Talent Stream of the TFWP is designed specifically to offer a work permit to tech workers within just 10-14 days processing time.

And different provinces have setup tech-specific PNP streams and Pilot programs to help tech companies attract skilled temporary workers as well as permanent residents from foreign countries.

This makes Canada the obvious choice for any foreign students seeking a career in high-end fast- growing sectors like technology and manufacturing.

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