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Canada 2021-23 Immigration Plan— Economic Immigration Top Priority for a Target of 1.3 Million Immigrants


Canada 2021-23 Immigration Plan— Economic Immigration Top Priority for a Target of 1.3 Million Immigrants

Immigrants contribute to Canada’s economy and society. Canada respects economic and humanitarian immigrants. And Canada looks forward to a mutually-beneficial relationship with immigrants. This is probably the simplest way to summarize Canada’s 2021‒2023 Immigration Levels Plan.

Immigration Numbers for 2021-2023

Canada had intended to admit a million immigrants in three years under its previous Immigration Plan for 2020-2022. Under the latest plan, Canada has revised the numbers upwards and targets 1.33 million permanent residents between 2021 and 2023.

Analysis of the Immigration Plan 2021-2023

The Plan underlines Canada’s commitment to immigration and a closer reading of the text throws up some very interesting highlights.

One, immigration targets have been raised to help boost economic recovery, drive growth, and to boost job-creation for middle-class Canadians. So, unlike the US that has suspended immigration to prevent job losses, Canada is focusing on using skilled immigrants to boost economic growth.

Two, Canada sees immigrants as a valuable asset. The Plan has highlighted how immigrants account for a third of all business owners in Canada and a quarter of the country’s health sector employees. The Plan recognized the contribution of immigrants towards securing Canada’s health—physical as well as economic

Three, the Plan is good news if you are a skilled worker seeking a job or business opportunities in Canada. The Plan has affirmed Canada’s focus on economic immigrants and has indicated that around 60 percent of the 1.33 million immigration target shall be met by the admission of skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and other Economic Class immigrants.

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This means Canada should rank on the top of your list if you are planning on studying abroad. The study-work-immigrate approach will work perfectly in your favor if you choose Canada over other options.

If you are a skilled worker with work experience or an entrepreneur, then a work permit followed by Express Entry or PNP Business streams are options you should seriously consider. With multiple options ranging from FSWP to Owner-Operator LMIA Work Permit, you should seek professional immigration guidance at the earliest to boost your chances of making your Canadian immigration dream come true.

Four, the Plan refers to focus on innovative and community-driven approaches. There is a reference to tackling the different labor and demographic needs across Canada. This is very important because it probably means more Pilot programs, especially community-centric programs.

This is very important for students because choosing to study in the right community can help you being fast-tracked to permanent residence bypassing the whole Express Entry process. You can plan strategically and put in efforts to have a full-time job by the time you graduate and end up becoming a Canadian permanent resident without any hassles.

Of course, you would need to work with an experienced immigration professional who can guide you on not just the academic aspects but the long-term immigration aspects of your decision to study in Canada.

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Five, and this is important for all those struggling to get an Express Entry ITA, is the emphasis on attracting Francophones to communities outside Quebec. An Express Entry candidate with strong proficiency in French may enjoy a distinct advantage in getting nominated by Canadian provinces.

Considering French is widely spoken in the country, you have nothing to lose everything to gain by adding this language to your resume.

Six, the Plan specifically mentions family sponsorship, especially in the context of economic immigrants. This means you can and should seriously consider an immigration plan for your entire family.

Your CRS score can get a boost depending on the educational qualifications, language proficiency, and work experience of your spouse. So, focus on a joint approach to qualify for an EE ITA or provincial nomination with fewer hassles.

Seven, the Plan recognizes that those seeking asylum too may be in a position to contribute to Canada’s economy. The Economic Mobility Pathways Project offers 500 qualified refugees a shot at an honorable and dignified immigration route as skilled economic immigrants.

additional points for French-speaking candidates under Express Entry, to promote the growth of Francophone communities outside of Quebec

Finally, what’s most heartening is that this Plan is the result of extensive consultations with provincial and territorial representatives. This ensures there won’t be any disconnect between the macro policies and ground-level execution.

Canada recognizes the advantages and benefits of immigrants, which means it is up to you to qualify for a better life for yourself and your family.

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Actionable Points from Canada’s Immigration Plan 2021-2023

  • Canada is and is likely to remain an immigrant-friendly destination in the years ahead. With excessive political rhetoric surrounding immigration in the US, you will be better off planning your future as an immigrant in Canada.
  • Economic immigration was, is, and will remain Canada’s priority. So, focus on skilling yourself. Get a higher degree. Aspire to a higher wage position. Take up more job responsibilities to qualify for an in-demand Canadian occupation.
  • Youngsters should seriously consider the study-work-immigrate approach. Canada has quality educational institutions. As community-centric immigration programs mature, choosing the right course and province may put on autopilot for Canadian permanent residence.
  • Your spouse can be a great asset to your immigration prospects, provided you plan and strategize for it well in advance.

The final actionable point is to try and avoid a DIY approach towards something as important as immigration. LMIA work permits, LMIA-exempt work permits, Self-employed work permits, Express Entry, provincial nomination, Atlantic pilot, community pilots, rural pilot, occupation-specific pilots—these are just some of the options that you can rely on to settle in Canada.

The last thing you want is to miss out on a better future in Canada just because you did not know or failed to understand all the options at your disposal.

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