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Manitoba Issues Invitations to 126 Candidates Under the latest MPNP Draw

The latest draw under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) brings exciting news for aspiring immigrants. On July 4, 2024, Manitoba held its 223rd invitation round, offering new opportunities for skilled workers and international graduates. In this draw, a total of 126 candidates received Letters of Advice to Apply (LAAs), including 19 candidates through the Express Entry system. This blog delves into the details of the draw, eligibility criteria, and what it means for prospective immigrants.

Manitoba PNP Draw Details

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) has once again demonstrated its commitment to attracting skilled talent to the province. The latest draw focused on two main streams: the Skilled Workers Overseas (SWO) and the International Education Stream (IES).

Skilled Workers Overseas Stream

In the Skilled Workers Overseas stream, 41 LAAs were issued to candidates invited under the Strategic Recruitment Initiative. The lowest score in this category was 709 points. This stream is designed to address Manitoba’s specific labor market needs by targeting skilled workers who can immediately contribute to the province’s economy.

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International Education Stream

The International Education Stream is tailored for international graduates from Manitoba’s post-secondary institutions who meet the stream’s eligibility requirements. In this draw, 85 LAAs were issued to candidates under this stream. This initiative highlights Manitoba’s focus on retaining talented individuals who have already integrated into the community through education.

Express Entry Candidates

Of the 126 LAAs issued in this draw, 19 were given to candidates who declared a valid Express Entry profile number and job seeker validation code. This integration with the Express Entry system ensures that highly skilled candidates can expedite their immigration process, aligning with Canada’s overall immigration goals.

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Why This Draw Matters

The July 4th draw is part of Manitoba’s broader strategy to meet its ambitious immigration targets. In 2024 alone, MPNP has invited 5,034 candidates, with 751 receiving invitations through the Express Entry system. This proactive approach ensures that Manitoba attracts the best and brightest from around the world, helping to fill critical gaps in the labor market and support the province’s economic growth.

About Manitoba PNP

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is a popular pathway for skilled workers, international graduates, and entrepreneurs to obtain permanent residency in Canada. The program is divided into several streams, each targeting different types of applicants:

  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba: For individuals who are currently working in Manitoba and have been offered a permanent job.
  • Skilled Workers Overseas: For skilled workers who can demonstrate a strong connection to Manitoba through family, employment, or education.
  • International Education Stream: For graduates from Manitoba’s post-secondary institutions who meet specific criteria.
  • Business Investor Stream: For experienced business owners and entrepreneurs who wish to invest in Manitoba.
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With a total of 126 candidates invited, including those with Express Entry profiles, the draw provides a significant opportunity for individuals seeking to make Manitoba their new home. If you’re considering immigrating to Canada, particularly through the Manitoba PNP, now is the perfect time to start your application process.

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