Poll Highlights Canadians’ Pro-Immigration Views Even at Peak of the Pandemic’s Disruptive Impact


Poll Highlights Canadians’ Pro-Immigration Views Even at Peak of the Pandemic’s Disruptive Impact

A skilled worker immigrant is a valuable asset who creates economic and social value for his/her adopted country. Ordinarily, one would expect countries to respect their contributions. However, the sad truth is that immigrants, including skilled workers, are just tolerated during good times and targeted during bad times.

Take the US decision to bank work visas and immigration programs during the pandemic. This was ostensibly done to protect American workers from job losses resulting from the pandemic. Further, ban’s extension despite the vaccine rollout clearly shows that opposition to skilled migrants is more about political rhetoric than economic facts.

Happily, a recent survey shows that Canada and Canadians are immune from this convenient tendency to blame immigrants the moment something goes wrong with the economy.

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A research survey conducted throughout 2020 throws light on how much Canada and Canadians respect immigrant talent.

Even at the peak of the pandemic, five out of every six Canadians believed that immigration makes Canada a better country. The poll, which extends over the past four decades now, has seen a steady decline in people who think there’s too much immigration to Canada.

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One issue that immigrants across the world face is racism and xenophobia. The latest poll results indicate that more and more people are viewing racism and associated ills as a systemic issue and not as something that ethnic and racial groups should solve on their own.

Coming at a time of economic and social stress and where finding somebody to blame would have been an easy option, most Canadians chose to be mature about attracting and retaining immigration talent in the country.

For a foreign skilled worker or a young student seeking a foreign degree, these results highlight some very important points.

  • Canada’s immigration connect goes beyond temporary economic downturns and crises.
  • Despite job losses and other problems caused by the pandemic, majority of Canadians saw more scope for skilled immigration into the country.

So, planning to move to Canada to study or work offers the following advantages to immigrants.

  • A stable merit-centric immigration system that won’t be affected by changing political sentiments or leadership.
  • A decentralized immigration system where one leader’s personal opinions cannot negate the economic requirements of the provinces.
  • Life in a country where people focus on finding the real reasons for economic and social problems than just blindly blaming immigrants for the same.

This does not mean everything is always smooth and easy for immigrants in Canada. However, these results highlight that Canada does not share its southern neighbor’s tendency to blame immigrants for all that is wrong in their society and economy.

Considering that Canada’s pro-immigration stance and views have survived the unprecedented disruption caused by the pandemic, you can focus on planning your studies or career in the country without worrying about whether you are indeed welcome in the country.

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