Federal Skilled Worker Program

Immigrating to Canada—Four Instances When Professional Immigration Assistance is Indispensable

Express Entry for skilled workers and provincial nomination if you don’t fit into the eligibility requirements of the federal programs. Life would be a lot easier for everybody if only immigrating to Canada were that simple. 

Qualifying for an EE Invitation to Apply (ITA) or provincial nomination is never about simply applying under all available programs and hoping for the best. Instead, you will need professional guidance right at the first step itself—identifying the right immigration program.

Identifying the Right Immigration Program

Which province has a PNP stream designed specifically for people completing a Ph.D. degree from an institution located in that province? 

Which province will nominate Express Entry candidates with mastery over English? 

Which Canadian province is eagerly seeking long-haul truck drivers as well as physicians and nurses? 

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An immigration expert can make all the difference between a quick and happy Canadian immigration story and a frustrating, slow, and failed attempt to move to Canada.  

NOC Skill and Type—Getting it Right!

What to do if your job seems to fit multiple NOC Skills and Types? Should you simply choose your NOC at random or does this require further analysis and consideration? 

Which duties and responsibilities should you focus on when your employer insists on a generic and vague job profile?

And linking this with the first point, how does your NOC choice affect—positively or negatively—a successful nomination? 

While preliminary steps like basic documentation may be easy to do on your own, you will need the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable immigration expert to get this right. 

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A Valid Job Offer from an Eligible Employer

Do you know that not all Canadian employers are eligible to hire foreign workers? And even among the eligible ones, not all types of job offers are considered valid for the purpose of Canadian immigration. 

Seasonal job offers are out, which means your Canadian job offer must be for a full-time job. And how exactly does one determine a full-time job? 

And how you can you make sure the employer offering to hire you is indeed eligible or not? Since a valid job offer letter can make immigration very easy, this is a very important aspect where professional guidance can prove invaluable. 

Staying Updated

Canada has a very stable and predictable immigration system. Yet, this doesn’t mean rules cannot change. Provinces frequently update lists of in-demand occupations. New pilot programs are introduced while old ones may be terminated or modified. Provinces introduce new streams or may modify eligibility rules of existing programs.  

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Amongst all this, you need to track changes to your personal, educational, and professional details and prepare for the potential impact on your immigration application. 

Obviously, a mere cursory understanding of immigration law won’t help. You will need somebody who has in-depth understanding of the various nuances of relevant rules and regulations, which means only a true professional will be able to help. 

By the way, the answers to the questions about the immigration programs are—Ontario’s PhD Graduate stream, Ontario’s Express Entry French-Speaking Skilled Worker stream, and Saskatchewan’s Long Haul Truck Driver project. 

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