2021 Set to be a Great Year for Canada! Proof? Hidden in Routine Addition to Newfoundland PNP


2021 Set to be a Great Year for Canada! Proof? Hidden in Routine Addition to Newfoundland PNP

Observing a shortage of skilled labor in sectors like technology and ocean sciences, Newfoundland and Labrador has added a new program targeting such skilled workers to its provincial nomination program.

A new PNP program is a normal and routine thing for anybody who understands how Canada’s immigration system works. However, this simple announcement is perhaps the clearest indicator why 2021 is going to be a great year for Canada’s economy.

Impact Point 1—Decentralized and Flexible Immigration System

With 520,000 residents—less than 1.5 percent of Canada’s total population—this province’s immigration requirements and strategies are unlikely to rank as high as bigger provinces like Ontario or Quebec.

Unlike the top-boss-decides-all setup in the US, every province in Canada has the freedom and flexibility to create or modify immigration programs to attract and retain foreign talent. In fact, provinces are even free to cap immigration numbers even if the federal quota allows them to accept more.

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Impact Point 2—Responsive to Local Requirements

Canadian provinces are free to design its own immigration programs and tackle labor shortages in key sectors by attracting foreign skilled workers. This allows local stakeholders to share their inputs and requirements to provincial authorities in a systematic manner.

Skilled workers specializing in ocean sciences may not be a priority for the Canadian economy as a whole. However, labor shortage in this occupation may be having a very negative impact on Newfoundland’s economy.

Impact Point 3—Leveraging Interlinkages

The latest addition to Newfoundland and Labrador’s PNP open to foreign skilled workers as well international students who have graduated from the Memorial University in the past three years.

The latter condition automatically makes the Memorial University a very interesting proposition for foreign students. While there may be bigger and more reputed universities in Canada, a student graduating with a Master’s degree from a tech, agriculture, aquaculture, or health care course gets a clear shot at Canadian PR nomination.

This creates a positive cycle where the PNP attracts students, students get jobs and boost the economy, and this attracts further students and PNP skilled workers.

Impact Point 4—Rapid Response to Evolving Situations

The Canadian immigration system works very smoothly when it comes to creating or modifying PNP programs and streams. Provinces can change the list of In-Demand occupations to fill labor shortages as well as to prevent oversupply of skilled workers.

The US had no option but to announce a blanket ban on work visas due to the pandemic. In contrast, Canada and its provinces could deploy nuanced responses. These included focusing on applicants already in Canada (through CEC-specific EE draws) and workers required to tackle the emergency (through modified In-Demand Occupations lists).

There’s no other immigration system in the world that not just ticks all these boxes but has expressly set a target of bringing in more than a million skilled workers and foreign students in the years ahead.

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