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Global Talent Stream

Canada’s Global Talent Stream: Bringing in Highly Skilled Foreign Tech Talent

Canada is home to almost one million job vacancies. These vacancies are spread across the country in nearly every employment sector which is why Canada is coming up with numerous programs to support employers in hiring foreign workers. One such program which is dedicated to hiring highly skilled foreign professionals in the tech sector is...

Pilot Programs

IRCC to Make Changes to Pilot Programs

Canada’s accountability department recently conducted an internal audit and suggested making a few changes to pilot programs to address the gaps in the implementation of the programs. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is preparing guiding principles to manage immigration pilot programs following the suggestions made by the audit team. IRCC’s Internal Audit and Accountability...

Canada PNP Updates 2021

Prepare for the Next Big Canada Immigration Announcement—Here’s a 4-Step Action Plan for You

What’s worse than not receiving an ITA in the 27,000-ITA EE draw in February 2021 or being ineligible for the six new PR streams for essential workers and international graduates? It’s being eligible but not being able to apply due to incomplete documentation, expired language results, or lack of settlement funds. Canada needs more and...

Think Hiring an Canada Immigration Attorney is a Waste of Money 4-Point Reality Check Ahead

Think Hiring an Immigration Attorney is a Waste of Money? 4-Point Reality Check Ahead

Why you should use an immigration professional for your Canada immigration application? The same reason why you hire architects and engineers to design your home, plumbers for pipe work, and carpenters for making furniture—it’s never as easy as it looks. A cursory look at the immigration process including the detailed eligibility requirements of various Canada immigration...

LMIA Owner/Operator Work Permit

6000 Tech Workers and Counting but No More Tech Pilot in British Columbia

In an interesting development, British Columbia has decided to end its extremely popular BC PNP Tech Pilot program. Going ahead, this program won’t be a pilot program. Instead, it has become a permanent part of the province’s immigration programs. If you are a tech worker seeking permanent residence in British Columbia, make sure you search...

4 Ways to Boost Your Ontario Immigration Prospects

4 Ways to Boost Your Ontario Immigration Prospects—Tech, Skilled Trades, Advanced Degree, and French Proficiency

  2020 was a tough year for immigration but Ontario continued to remain the top destination for foreign immigrants seeking to settle in Canada. Against its Federal quota of 7,350 nominations, Ontario issued a total of 8,054 provincial nominations including 300 low-skilled workers under its NOC C pilot program. Here are five actionable takeaways from...

About Us Why Canada Immigration—2nd Gen Immigrant Outqualify and Out-Earn Their Parents and Even Native Canadians

Why Canada Immigration—2nd Gen Immigrant Outqualify and Out-Earn Their Parents and Even Native Canadians

Why immigrate to Canada? Reasons may vary. Some may be seeking higher wages. Others may want faster professional growth. Further, some others may look forward to a better standard of living in a developed country life Canada. However, one reason that’s likely to be common among all is a better life for their next generation. Pays...

Canada Immigration

Canada Immigration Wide Open—Just 28% Foreign Workers Actually Settle in Canada

  Canada is a very immigrant-friendly country with a transparent and stable system, high immigration targets, and lots of programs and streams. But, how long will it last? Will Canada continue to set immigration targets of more than a million immigrants per year? Is it just a matter of time before these programs are shut...

Canada immigration

Median Wages for New Immigrants at Record Highs—What It Means for Your Canadian Dream?

  The pandemic may have disrupted job markets across the globe but a Feb 2021 Statistics Canada report has highlighted that things were looking up for new skilled worker immigrants entering Canada. As per latest data, the median wage for new immigrants entering Canada for the year 2018 was at record highs. The median wage...