Six Questions to Help you Find a Genuine Job Recruitment Service for Canada

Six Questions to Help you Find a Genuine Job Recruitment Service for Canada


How to find a job in Canada? From contacting employers directly to working with job hunters and recruitment agencies, there are many ways to search for a job in Canada. However, choosing the right recruitment agency or job-search service provider is very important.

The last thing you want is for your Canada immigration plans to get delayed just because you chose to work with the wrong job hunter or recruitment agency. Here are six questions that you should ask when comparing and choosing job recruiters for a hassle-free Canada job search experience.

Are You a Licensed Recruiter?  

British Columbia requires recruiters offering recruitment services to more than one employers to get licensed before operating in the province. Similarly, other provinces too have registration and licensing requirements that recruiters must fulfill in order to legally provide services to Canadian employers.

So, your first question should be to check the recruitment agency’s legal standing and license credentials.

Just Recruitment or Immigration Services Too?

This is a very important question because there are many potential conflict-of-interest issues that you must consider when choosing a service provider offering allied services.

Recruitment firms are hired by employers seeking candidates while immigration services can be offered to employers as well as candidates.

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The immigration professional you hire is legally and ethically bound to offer comprehensive assistance towards your immigration application. However, the same professional working as a recruiter may have conflicting duties to the Canadian employer.

Just to be clear, there is nothing wrong in an immigration firm offering recruitment assistance. It’s just that this information about allied services must be shared in detail and you must have a clear understanding of what services and assistance you will get from the professional firm or agency.

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Any Guarantees?

I guarantee the job/work permit/ permanent residence/offer letter/ITA in Canada—this is the biggest red flag that you can find.

Giving you a job and the offer letter is the employer’s decision.

Issuing work permit/PR/ITA is the government’s decision.

Qualifying for LMIA approval depends on your employer’s eligibility.

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No immigration professional or recruitment service provider can give any guarantees about these things.

Further, Immigration Officers are permitted by law to use their discretion when assessing your application. This means any real professional will never try to hide the limitations of their services. They can help you improve your CV. They can give you tips to boost your profile’s eligibility.

But beware of anybody who gives you a guarantee against a higher fee. Recruitment and immigration in Canada just does not work that way.

Suggesting Misrepresentation?

No matter what, never never deal with any immigration or recruitment service provider who advises you to submit false information or misrepresent your information in your job or immigration application.

Submitting false information can leave you permanently inadmissible into Canada. If you are not eligible today or if you are struggling to find the right job, then focus on improving your profile to qualify for the same.

Instead of choosing somebody who suggests false submissions, work with a recruitment and/or immigration professional who can guide you to the quickest and fastest way to boost your prospects.

Pay More to Get the Job?

Canada does not permit jobs to be sold to foreign workers. Your employer cannot recover the work permit fee paid to the government from you i.e. the foreign worker. Your work contract cannot require you to bear the cost of your work permit, LMIA application, and other recruitment or immigration charges.

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So, avoid job hunters who suggest you offer to pay the employer to improve your chances of landing the job. Your work permit application will be rejected and you may find it impossible to enter Canada if you are found guilty of such an offense.  

Getting a job in Canada and starting the path towards quick permanent residence in the country can change your life forever. However, don’t allow fake or fraudulent individuals and agencies to exploit your desperation.

The sign of a real professional is that you will never get any advice or suggestion that goes against the law or the rules. Instead of breaking the law, focus on choosing the right recruiter and immigration professional to help you find the fastest and quickest route to a Canadian job offer, work permit, and permanent residence application.

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