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Is my Canadian Job Offer Genuine? 5-Point Guide to Identify Fake Canadian Job Offers

What’s worse than struggling to find a job in Canada? Becoming the victim of a fake Canada job offers.

For a skilled worker in India, Vietnam, or any other emerging economy, getting a job in Canada can literally change his/her life forever. A job that comes with a hefty salary, professional challenges, valuable foreign work experience, and the possibility of permanent residence in Canada can seem like a dream come true.

However, many scamsters individuals take advantage of such dreams and use fake Canada job offers to seek money for ‘visa formalities’ or ‘work permit processing’. Read ahead for things that will help you identify whether the Canadian job offer that you have got in your email is genuine or not.

An Offer Even When You Did Not Apply

You may have a well-qualified professional and would certainly be an asset to any company or firm that you join. But, are you so good that you will receive job offers without even applying for a job?

An unsolicited job offer should be your first warning flag. There’s a lot of demand for Canadian jobs and the possibility of an employer offering you a job without even receiving your CV or resume is extremely unlikely.

Further, look for whether the offer has been framed in such a way that it can be mailed to a large number of persons without any changes. The mail will begin with a generic salutation like Hi/Hello instead of specifically mentioning your name.

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Further, there won’t be any specific information on how they came across your profile and the position for which you are being considered.  

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No or Vague Contact Information

A genuine job offer will always be prepared on the employer’s letterhead that will contain detailed contact information including

  • Name of the Business/Firm
  • Contact Address
  • Email and Telephone number
  • Business Registration Information

If the job offer does not contain detailed contact info and if you are expected to just reply to the email without verifying the firm’s credibility, then you probably have a fake job offer in hand.

A truly professional firm will neither hide its contact information nor require your acceptance before sharing details that will help you verify whether the firm is genuine or not.

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A Ridiculously Generous Job Offer

A job offer that offers an extravagant salary and generous perks that are significantly higher than the market rate should not be taken at face value.

To qualify for Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) approval, the employer must offer a wage that is equal to or higher than

  • The minimum wage for the occupation/position, or
  • The wage given to existing employees doing similar duties.

You can find the minimum wage applicable to your position by checking out government resources online. Any reputed job search site or resource online will give you an idea of the wages paid to existing employees.

If your job offer is promising wages that are significantly higher than the market rate, then you should be extremely careful about trusting such an offer.

Demand for Payment for LMIA/Work Permit Formalities

This is the best clue to whether the job offer is genuine or not. The fake Canada job offers will tempt you with very generous payment terms and then ask you to pay a fee to enable the employer to complete work permit formalities.

As per law, the LMIA process has to be completed by the employer while the worker will have to apply for the work permit. There is no provision by which you can get a work permit by simply paying a fee.

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Employers often work with immigration attorneys to help their candidates complete work permit formalities. But even here, employers rarely ask the work permit fee to be paid through them.

This should be the biggest warning that the job offer is probably fake—that you are asked to immediately make a payment or risk losing the job offer.

Unprofessional Tone and Basic Errors in Language

A job offer letter that is phrased like a marketing letter with unnecessary repetition, fancy phrases, irrelevant details, and an amateurish tone and structure is another warning sign. Even the smallest business will adopt a crisp and professional tone when conveying a job offer.

Further, such fake letters include irrelevant information in a bid to make the offer seem genuine. So, watch out for references like Express Entry draw or provincial nomination that don’t really have any relevance to the job offer.

As a rule, be very wary of any unsolicited job offer that you receive in your mail. Better presume that the offer is fake and try to verify it. This is always preferable to be cheated of your hard-earned money by a fake Canadian job offer.

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