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How to Apply For Jobs in Canada

As a foreign national, finding and applying for a job in Canada can certainly be a challenging task. Hiring our professional RCIC can surely help you secure a valid job in Canada as per the respective work permit conditions.

To know more, read the below steps:

Better Place for Your Skills

Begin by determining where your skillset can be of better use in Canada. Through this, you can draw a better plan and improve your immigration prospects that depend on your:

  • Age
  • Language ability
  • Education
  • Work experience

Additionally, you can earn additional points for applying with your spouse who has French language proficiency and relevant work experience. Apart from this, each province has its unique labor market needs, thus opting for the right province as per your talent improves your points along with your chances of getting an ITA and visa for Canada.

Explore Canadian Job Sites

After listing the provinces/territories suitable as per your talent and requirements, the next step is to narrow down the job search to the specific provinces. It can be done through various job sites, such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, and Job Bank, among others.

An Up to Par Resume

Your resume represents you and your work before you can actually do it, thus it is important to create an up to par resume that makes your profile stand out amongst others and improves your chances of securing that coveted job in Canada. For the same, ensure your resume meets the Canadian standards, is up to date, with all the necessary information.

Begin the Application Process

With the list of preferred provinces/territories, coveted job profile in mind, and impressive resume, now you can begin your job application process in Canada. A job in hand certainly improves the chances of receiving a permanent residency in the country.

Prepare for the Interview

Proceed further by preparing for the interview. To do so:

  • Research about the industry, company and job role
  • Organize your portfolio
  • Prepare for common interview questions

If you too are planning to take your career to new heights with a job in Canada and are unsure about where to or how to begin, then our RCICs at ImmigCanada are here at your service to assist you with your application.