New PR Pathway in Response to Sudan Conflict

Canada Introduces New PR Pathway in Response to Sudan Conflict

In a compassionate move, Marc Miller, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, has unveiled a groundbreaking family-based immigration pathway for those impacted by the Sudan conflict. This humanitarian initiative aims to provide Canada permanent residency to both Sudanese and non-Sudanese nationals who were residing in Sudan on or before April 15, 2023, marking the onset of the conflict.

This new pathway serves as a beacon for family reunification, allowing eligible individuals – children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, or siblings of Canadian citizens or permanent residents in Canada – to permanently unite with their families. The key criterion includes the consent of their Canadian family connection to provide necessary support during their settlement in Canada.

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As Canada extends its hand in solidarity, the IRCC website is poised to release more detailed information soon, facilitating preparedness for applicants intending to apply through this significant pathway.

These measures complement existing temporary immigration policies catering to family members of Canadians and permanent residents who sought refuge in Canada before July 15, 2023, amid the Sudan conflict. Moreover, they address the challenges faced by Sudanese temporary residents currently in Canada, unable to return home due to prevailing circumstances.

Temporary Measures Alleviating Challenges

Canada has implemented temporary measures to alleviate the burdens faced by nationals of Sudan, both within the country and those who left with their Canadian relatives. These measures include waiving application fees for stay extensions, status changes, and temporary residence applications, prioritizing processing for submissions from individuals still in Sudan, and removing travel document fees for Canadian citizens and permanent residents in Sudan.

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These efforts specifically target family members of Canadian citizens or permanent residents who departed Sudan after the conflict initiation and arrived in Canada before July 15, 2023. Priority processing is in place for fully completed applications for both temporary and permanent residency for Sudanese citizens.

For Sudanese nationals residing in Canada, provisions are available for applying for temporary residence documents or extending current statuses until October 27, 2024. Furthermore, the IRCC is expediting web form queries, encouraging the use of the online web form with the keyword “SD2023” for enhanced prioritization.

PR Pathway to Hope and Unity

Canada’s commitment to aiding those affected by the Sudan conflict shines through these comprehensive measures. The introduction of a new permanent residency pathway demonstrates a collective effort to provide solace and opportunities for families torn apart by circumstances beyond their control.

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As the IRCC unfolds additional details on the pathway, affected individuals are encouraged to stay informed and take proactive steps toward a hopeful and united future in Canada.

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