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How Canada is Digitizing Application Submission System for Permanent Immigration Programs?

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has decided to modernize the entire application submission system for Canada’s spousal and common-law partner sponsorship programs. IRCC in an attempt to improve client service is converting the application submission process into a digital mode.

On digitizing, the IRCC says, “the initiative will give more flexibility to the clients and allow them to receive timely notifications”.  Also, the online system for programs will be assisted by the Permanent Residence Portal. The portal is already an active platform for other online programs since March 31, 2021.

Before this, the online submission mode was optional for both inland and outland spousal and common-law partner sponsorship programs. But from now onwards, applications will be accepted through the online system only. It is important to note that those who are unable to use the fully-digitized system can reach out to IRCC for other alternatives. However, if candidates do not send any request to IRCC, the applications will not be taken forward.

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Eligibility for Spousal and Common-law Partner Sponsorship Programs

To be eligible to sponsor your either inland or outland spouse and common-law partner under the sponsorship program, the applicant must

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;
  • Be 18 years of age or older;
  • Be able to provide certain income requirements;
  • Be living or returning to Canada
  • Not be receiving social help from a person or government for any reasons other than a disability.
  • Be able to support your spouse or partner financially

In addition, if the individual is immigrating to Canada through a sponsorship program, he must clear all the background, security, and medical examinations.

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Spousal and Common-law Partner Sponsorship Application Process

Before applying for a spousal or common-law partner sponsorship program, one must ensure that both parties (the sponsor and the dependent applicant) meet the eligibility criteria. This means that the candidate needs to submit two applications: one from the Canadian sponsor to sponsor their spouse or partner and the other from the dependent’s permanent residence application.

Now, you know everything about the program, follow the four-step process to apply;

  1. Visit the Canadian government website to read all the important instructions on how to fill up the application form.
  2. Pay the application fee online, including
  • Processing fee for each applicant
  • Right of Permanent Residence fee
  • Biometrics fee
  • Other fees, if mentioned 
  1. Submit your application via Canada’s Permanent Residence Portal by following the instruction manual or guide you have downloaded.
  2. Deposit all the required sponsorship documents when requested
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Documents Required for Sponsorship Application

Documents that you can use to show that you share a home include:

  • Lease or mortgage agreement in both of your names
  • Joint bank account statements
  • Utility bills in both of your names
  • Policies in both of your names for insurance.

Documents that you can use to show that you share financial responsibilities include:

  • Joint credit card statements
  • Joint tax returns
  • Pay stubs or other evidence of joint financial contributions to household expenses

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