17 Reasons to Immigrate to Canada

Canada is touted as one of the friendliest and safest countries in the world. This land of the maple leaf has got ample to offer from beautiful landscapes, rock-solid healthcare, and opportunities to a world-class education system. Recently, its cities made it to the top ten of Economist’s Global Livability Survey – Calgary was ranked 5th, Vancouver 6th, and Toronto 7th. So, if you’re planning to move to Canada, here are the top 17 reasons why you should immigrate to Canada.

  1. It’s a beautiful Country

Words cannot justify the beauty of the Canadian landscapes. It’s a massive country with stunning natural gems like lakes, mountains, and forests.

  1. Quality of Life

Canada is known for its amazing quality of life. It has got the right balance between work and play. Moreover, it offers a great environment to enjoy both to the fullest. Canadians value their downtime and work in a more relaxed way.

  1. Beautiful and Spacious Real Estate

Canadian houses are comparatively much larger than other countries. This is due to a country having more space to offer. You will experience that an average family home has more space and bigger rooms to accommodate everything comfortably.

  1. Job Opportunities
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Canada is home to great job opportunities and covers a huge variety of occupations, including medical, engineering, management, construction and to name a few. The Canadian economy is growing at a rapid pace and is open to opportunities for all kinds of professions.

  1. Family Friendly

Canada is a perfect abode for families, it is safe and inclusive. No matter whether you are living on the suburban streets or downtown, you will always feel safe, lively, and comfortable.

  1. Modern Metropolitan Living

Canadian cities are modern and clean. The cities are spacious and well-designed where one can live in big houses in suburban and conveniently commute to work. One doesn’t have to live outside the city centre area in search of a comfortable and affordable house.

  1. Outdoor Living

During summer, it’s apparent that people love to live a little bit of an outdoor lifestyle and enjoy the warm sun. people go for hikes, sporting events, picnics, and lots of other activities to spend some quality time with friends and family.

  1. World-Class Healthcare

Canada’s Medicare system offers world-class free basic healthcare based on the need than the ability to pay. The system is supported by taxes paid by Canadian citizens. This facility makes healthcare more accessible to the people living in the country.

  1. Open-minded
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In a recent survey, Canada is ranked as the number #1 country in the world for tolerance. It is celebrated for its open-mindedness and tolerance. Canada has the most number of same-sex marriages and migrants are always welcomed no matter what their gender, race, or cultural background is.

  1. Low Crime Rate

Canada has a very small population of 36 million people. Here, violence is not the norm that is going to add peace of mind to your life which is difficult to find in other countries.

  1. Robust Education System

Canada’s robust education system is leaving no stone unturned to leave its rivals in the dust. According to recent research, it is one of the very few countries to appear in the top positions for mathematics, science, and reading.

  1. Leaders in Quantum Computing, Medical Research, and Space Science

Canada takes Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics pretty seriously and this results that the country is leading ahead of many others. It has leadership in artificial intelligence, clean technology, and healthcare.

  1. Amazing Public Services
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The public services in Canada are great and offer the best public transport that one can find. It’s easy to navigate, and comfortable with amazing connectivity. Most countries across the globe consider Canada a benchmark for quality public services.

  1. Affordable Living Costs

Canada is well-known for its affordability. The average wage can afford a good quality of life in the country. According to the survey conducted by Numbeo, the overall purchasing power of Canada is better than most leading countries.

  1. Affordable Education System

Another plus for the Canadian education system is that it’s affordable too! The average fee in Canada is almost 50% lesser than in other leading countries in the world. Both Toronto, the University of British Columbia, and McGill University all rank in the world’s top 50.

  1. Respected Passport

A Canadian passport is one of the most respected ones in the world. It permits dual citizenship and is a plus once you’ve cleared the Canadian Citizenship Test.

  1. Laid-back

Canadians are laid-back and it’s true! So, if you’re coming from a stressful and uptight environment then you are going to love it here as Canadians are warm and welcoming.

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