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Expert Speak—5 Mistakes that Will Definitely Hurt Your Chances of Immigrating to Canada

The world is shifting from record job losses to record job vacancies as the virus comes under control and the pandemic subsides. This means now is probably the best time for you to take advantage of the boom and find a good job in Canada.

For any ambitious and hard working skilled worker, a clear route to a work permit or even permanent residence can easily open up once he or she has a good job offer from an eligible Canadian employer.

In such a scenario, the worst thing that can happen to you would be to have a Canada job in hand only to find your path to the Canadian work permit or permanent residence is blocked or delayed.

If you want to avoid this frustrating problem, then make sure you avoid these five common mistakes that Canada immigration applicants make.

Make Job Offer the Final Step, Not the First

Many individuals trying to apply for a Canada work permit or permanent residence on their own often make the mistake of focusing only on securing a Canadian job offer. There’s no doubt that this is the key factor to make your Canada dream come true.

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However, this does not mean you cannot or should not focus on other aspects simultaneously. Put yourself in the place of the employer and consider. Would you choose a candidate who is all set and ready to apply for the work permit the moment he/she receives the job offer? Or, would you choose somebody who was waiting to get the job before even starting the process?

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Hope is Your Strategy

Are you hoping that your assessment of your NOC code will meet the immigration officer’s approval? Or, are you hoping the expired police certificate will be ignored and your application will be approved? Or, is it your hope that the vague reference letter or job offer letter will be accepted?

Either your documents are okay or they will be rejected—that’s how the immigration process works. So, either you get the documents perfect down to the last detail or you just don’t apply. Obviously, getting it right will become a lot easier if you have professional guidance from an experienced and qualified immigration attorney.

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Settling for Mediocrity

Very good language proficiency can boost your CRS score and this can make all the difference between receiving an ITA and a frustratingly-close miss. Knowledge of French can you’re your profile more attractive for employers and help you qualify for the Francophone work permit.

In the long run, these seemingly-minor points can make a huge impact on your future. So, if you are stuck at CLB 7, then try studying harder to boost it up to CLB 9. See if you can take up more responsibilities at work so that your job profile can move from NOC B to NOC A.

Canada needs skilled immigrants but there is a lot of competition for the spots, which means settling with mediocrity is just not an option.

Your Plan—Last Minute Rush

A last-minute miracle may help you get that precious Canada job offer in your hand. However, you cannot improve your health and get a clean medical report in a day, can you? Whether you have enough settlement funds or not will be assessed through bank statements covering at least six months. Simply borrowing money and depositing it into your account for a day or two just won’t work.

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There are some facets of your Canada immigration application that require good planning and smart execution over many months. So, don’t think everything will magically come together at the last minute.

Professional Help Only if Something Goes Wrong

This is probably the worst mistake of them all. Contacting an immigration professional after your application is rejected or after you have wasted a year in the Express Entry pool doesn’t make sense.

The sensible thing to do is to seek professional help up front. Get your profile assessed, know your profile’s strong and weak points, and take the necessary steps to improve your chances of qualifying at the earliest.

Waiting for a rejection to consult an immigration attorney means all your earlier efforts will just be a waste of precious time. Instead, be proactive and get it right at the first instance itself.

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