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Young and Ambitious Indian Student Seeking a Bright Future? No Better Option than Canada

A quick look at India’s demographic data throws up two very obvious conclusions. One, a large number of Indian students will look to foreign universities for higher education, And two, Canada is likely to be the top study destination for these intelligent and hard-working Indian students.

Where Will India’s Huge Student Population Study?

About a third of India’s population of 1.3 billion is aged between ten and 25 years. India has around 88 million senior-secondary students and 35 million university students and good education is extremely important for India’s ambitious and aspirational middle-class population.

India spends around three percent of its GDP on education, but this is nowhere enough to educate its burgeoning student population. Obviously, those who can afford it look to foreign universities, especially for post-secondary and advanced degrees.

As per latest data of 2018, there are 750,000 Indians studying abroad and India tops the list of countries with fastest increase in population of outbound students. Going ahead, this number is only going to rise and more and more Indians pass out of school and seek quality university education.

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Top Study Destination—Canada!

And where will these millions of young Indian study? Traditionally, Indian have preferred US universities over other options like the UK, Germany, and other European countries. However, going ahead, Canada is likely to be the top-preferred destination for Indian students seeking quality education abroad.

Affordable and Quality Education

The first thing any young student is going to look for in a foreign student destination is the quality and cost of education. Unlike the US, Canada has many universities offering top-notch education at significantly affordable fees.

Canada has always been a less-expensive place to study as compared to the US. That a US degree was better than a Canadian one was just a matter of perception with no real factual basis to this view.

So, ambitious Indian students seeking quality education are likely to discover that Canada is at par, or even better, than the US in terms of good study options at an affordable price.

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Post-Study Work Opportunities

Studying in a foreign country is never just about the degree alone. Rather, it’s just the means to an end with the ultimate goal being a big salary, a challenging job, and good career prospects. And this is where Canada scores over all other popular study destinations, the US included.

Join a course or program of duration of two years or more in a Designated Learning Institution and you become eligible for the Post-Graduation Work Permit after you graduate. This LMIA-exempt open work permit gives you an easy route to acquire precious Canadian work experience immediately after you graduate.

Of course, the conventional LMIA-mandatory work permit under the Temporary Foreign Worker program too is open to you.

Easy Skilled Immigration Opportunities

Of course, you may not have to rely on the work permit route at all after you graduate. Instead, you can work as you study and acquire at least one year of work experience and qualify for Express Entry—Federal Skilled Worker program immediately after you graduate.

A job offer will give you a 50-200 point boost while provincial nomination will give you a 600-point boost with a guaranteed Invitation to Apply in the next EE draw.

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And what if you are unable to qualify for the FSWP? You can still easily become a permanent resident but it would depend on your choice of province to study.

If your province has a PNP stream for international graduates, then you can qualify for nomination without any work experience as long as you succeed in getting a job with an eligible Canadian employer.

And then, there are the pilot programs that you can explore. The Atlantic pilot comes with professional settlement assistance provided by employers participating in the program.

If you graduate from one of the four Atlantic provinces, then the AIPP- International Graduate stream can help you qualify for PR with zero work experience as long as you have a job offer from a designated employer.

Canada has already become the preferred destination for skilled workers from India. The country’s educational infrastructure combined with great career prospects makes it the natural choice for Indian students as well.

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