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Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant RCIC

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant Speaks – Canada Immigration is Easy and Simple Only if You Get it Right

Canada needs immigrants. More than a million of them in the next three years. Canada is staring at a demographic crisis and only immigrants can solve this problem. Are you a skilled worker? Then there’s a great life just waiting for you in Canada. Headlines like these make it seem as if every skilled worker...

International Graduates

No Room for Complacency—A Million Job Vacancies Doesn’t Mean Canada Immigration is Easy for International Graduates

A million job vacancies in Canada! Vacant job positions hit record high in Canada! Finding a job in Canada has never been easier! Headlines like these may make it seem like simply studying in Canada is enough for international graduates to land a job here. There’s no doubt that the pandemic has resulted in a...

Canada PNP Updates

Good News for Skilled Workers—Canada’s Pro-Immigration Policies Are Here to Stay

Is it safe to plan your future in Canada? Will Canada continue its immigration-friendly policies? Or it is just a short-term trend that will quickly change and leave international students and foreign skilled workers high and dry? Considering the way the US quickly decided to do away with its pro-immigration policies, it’s natural to worry...