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Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant Speaks – Canada Immigration is Easy and Simple Only if You Get it Right

  • Canada needs immigrants. More than a million of them in the next three years.
  • Canada is staring at a demographic crisis and only immigrants can solve this problem.
  • Are you a skilled worker? Then there’s a great life just waiting for you in Canada.

Headlines like these make it seem as if every skilled worker has a free pass to enter and settle in Canada. And immigration service providers just interested in earning money will portray Canada immigration as a 1-2-3 process where simply submitting your application is enough to qualify for an Invitation to Apply.

But that’s not how Canada immigration works. It is a complex and complicated process with many moving parts. Canada is focused on finding and selecting only the best immigrants for its economy and society.

There are millions or even tens of millions of skilled workers, entrepreneurs, startup founders, and students seeking to enter and settle in Canada. And you are competing with them.

So, it’s time to look beyond basic eligibility conditions and focus on how to maximize your chances of qualifying for Canada’s study permit, work permit, or ITA for permanent residence.

And if you want proof, then just keep in mind that the six-month program offering permanent residence to temporary workers expired on November 5 with 14,000 of the 20,000 healthcare workers’ visas remaining unutilized.

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So, what should you do if you are a skilled worker, student, entrepreneur, or a startup founder?

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Professional Guidance Helps

There’s more to immigrating to Canada then just filling forms and paying the application fee. You need to select the right NOC code applicable to your current and past jobs and your duties and responsibilities must match those listed in the code.

Further, the reference letters from your current and past employers must be in sync with the NOC code that you have selected. Obviously, the wrong code will mean your application will be rejected even if you fulfil all the eligibility requirements.

Apart from interpreting the law and understanding how the rules apply to you, the immigration professional can also help you finalize your documents in the right way. A lot of paperwork goes into any immigration or work permit application.

You need to submit proofs related to your work experience, language proficiency, educational qualifications including Education Credential Assessments for foreign degrees. Further, you must have documentary proofs related to settlement funds, no criminal record, medical health and fitness, and positive LMIA, if relevant to your application.

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These documents need to be valid, which means you cannot blindly rely on a document prepared years ago unless the rules clearly specify that they are valid.

Never Never Never Submit Wrong Information

This simple point cannot be stressed enough. If you are not yet eligible for the work permit or permanent residence, then you need to focus on ways to become eligible.

Thinking that you can pad up your work experience or conceal your illnesses by submitting wrong information can be an extremely stupid mistake.

You are legally obligated to submit accurate information in your immigration application, which covers all documents submitted as well.

Submitting wrong information or trying to misinterpret the rules just don’t work. At best, your application will simply be rejected. At worst, you may be found guilty of trying to cheat the immigration authorities, which means your dream of coming to Canada and settling in the country may be permanently over.

Even One Mistake is One Too Many

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Don’t expect immigration authorities to be understanding or lenient when dealing with mistakes. Thinking you don’t need to submit the medical test results of your family members just because they won’t be accompanying you to Canada can lead to rejection.

Reference letters not prepared in the right format and not containing all the necessary details too can be a deal breaker.

Any Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant or immigration lawyer will tell you that there’s just one way to immigrate to Canada and that is by getting every single detail and submission right at all times.

Choose the Right Professional

If you decide to work with an RCIC or immigration lawyer, then it’s important to select the right professional. The easiest way to ensure you are not working with a fake Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) or immigration lawyer is to check whether he or she is authorized by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants or is a member of a provincial or territorial law society.

You can also research on how to recognize fake Canadian immigration websites and other useful information that will ensure you don’t create additional challenges and complications in the already complex process of immigrating to Canada.

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