Hong Kong Residents in Canada

Canadian Government’s Continued Immigration Support for Hong Kong Residents in Canada

The Canadian government has recently demonstrated steadfast commitment and support to the Hong Kong citizens currently residing in Canada. Hong Kong has become a beacon of hope for many people seeking a safe and wealthy future despite the country’s continuous difficulties and changes in the socio-political scene.

Facilitating Immigration Pathways

The Canadian government has taken significant steps to facilitate immigration pathways for Hong Kong residents, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. As a result of these people’s distinct abilities, credentials, and contributions to Canadian society and the economy, various immigration programs have been developed to meet their needs.

IRCC Introduced Two Pathways to Permanent Residency in 2021 for Hong Kong Citizens

Stream A:

You can apply for Stream A if you were a former citizen of Hong Kong and finished your post-secondary study in Canada within the last three years.

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Stream B:

A former Hong Kong resident who has completed a post-secondary program in Canada or abroad and has at least one year of Canadian work experience is eligible to apply for this stream.

From August 15th, IRCC will remove educational requirements from Stream B, allowing candidates to apply for permanent residency. To qualify, applicants must have at least one year’s experience working in Canada. In addition to making it easier for more Hong Kong natives, this will also streamline the application process by eliminating the documentation process. Furthermore, by giving Hong Kong residents significant work experience in Canada, Stream B will help address the shortage of workers in that country.

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Hong Kong Residents in Canada

Hong Kong is one of Canada’s main immigration sources. The Statistics Canada Census of 2021, revealed that 213,855 immigrants listed Hong Kong as their birthplace.

Additionally, data reveals that between January and November 2022, 8,705 study visas were given to Hong Kong residents who were studying abroad, while 3,750 more Hong Kong citizens came to Canada as permanent residents during that same time. Employees based in Hong Kong who were employed abroad in 2022 were also granted 8,795 work permits by the International Mobility Program. Also, recently, Sean Fraser also announced that Canada would extend its open work permit possibilities for citizens of Hong Kong for an additional two years in February. Under this opportunity, residents of Hong Kong who are temporarily residing in Canada as tourists, students, or workers are entitled to apply online from within Canada.

To sum up, the Canadian government’s ongoing assistance for immigrants from Hong Kong demonstrates its dedication to diversity, inclusivity, and compassion. Canada offers hope and possibilities for a better future for the people of Hong Kong through a variety of immigration options, including the Express Entry Program, Provincial Nominee Programme, Family Sponsorship, Study Permits, and Canadian Citizenship.

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