The Post-Pandemic Economic Boom’s Here—Ready to Live Your Canada Immigration Dream

The Post-Pandemic Economic Boom’s Here—Ready to Live Your Canada Immigration Dream?

2022 is likely to spell a lot of good news for the Canadian economy, which means anybody seeking to work in Canada or looking for permanent residence in Canada will have a lot of reasons to cheer.

Covid-19 led to a strange recession where economic growth has slowed down despite no fundamental or systemic issues related to demand or supply. Job growth has recovered which means people have jobs and money in hand and there will be stable and steady demand for goods and services.

Aggressive and proactive government support prevented businesses from shutting down during the pandemic, which means there are no supply bottlenecks either. For a strong economy like Canada, this should result in all-round economic growth.

This brings us to an important question for skilled workers as well as students who will be seeking jobs in Canada in the next two or three years. This is an important question for students as well because the post-pandemic boom can last longer than the downturn caused by the pandemic. So, choosing the right province to study today can prove to be a far-sighted career decision after three or four years

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Which province offers the best bet for the post-pandemic boom in Canada?

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Manitoba and Ontario

Ontario is the favorite province of immigrants and home to one of the biggest and fastest-growing tech hubs in the continent. The pandemic has only increased the role of technology in our lives, which means this province will continue to see more jobs and more growth in the coming years.

Pandemic-hit sectors like travel, hospitality, and tourism will see a surge in demand, and growth rate in these two provinces is expected to be higher than the national average in the coming years.

Quebec and Atlantic Provinces

The demographic crisis staring at Canada is clearly visible in these provinces. Quebec has an ageing population and—despite Nova Scotia’s achievement of 1-million population, so do the Atlantic provinces.

This means immigrants can look for easier opportunities here. Quebec has already deployed multiple pilots for in-demand occupations in 2021 and is likely to do more to boost skilled immigration in the province.

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The Atlantic pilot has become a permanent program, which means students and skilled workers can safely consider this option along with Federal and PNP options in these four provinces.

Ocean tech investments can easily be the next big draw for tech workers entering Canada. The added plus of low-cost of living and easy access to inexpensive and quality housing and other amenities can make the Atlantic provinces a very good bet for immigrants over the next few years.


Lack of demand and economic uncertainty caused oil prices to crash, which hit Alberta’s energy sector pretty hard. Rising oil prices combined with steady demand will boost growth in the province.

This makes it a safe bet for oil professionals and other skilled workers in the energy sector. The concentrated push for renewable energy can actually help the province as existing energy infrastructure can be diversified, which will mean more jobs for renewable as well as non-renewable energy skilled workers.

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British Columbia

BC has recovered the fastest from the pandemic, which makes it an obvious choice for skilled professional and students.

The good bit is that there are still many gaps in the workforce that means demand for foreign skilled workers will continue in the coming years as well. Tourism and hospitality are big sectors in the province, which means BC is likely to ride at the top of the post-pandemic boom in the coming years.

Apart from professional services and other conventional sectors, the agri-food sector may be a wildcard, especially for semi-skilled workers and trade workers seeking to enter Canada.

Get it Right for a Happy Future

Knowing you are likely to graduate into a big economic boom or that your qualifications and experience will be in huge demand among employers in the coming two years can help you plan your future with a lot more confidence.

Give yourself the advantage of professional immigration assistance so that your dream of working and settling in Canada—either as a skilled worker or as a student graduating from Canada—can come true with minimum hassles and risks.

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