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Latest Ontario-OINP Draws Sent 1,666 PR Invitations

In an exciting development for aspiring immigrants, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) conducted two new draws on July 9, 2024, issuing a total of 1,666 invitations to apply for permanent residency. These Ontario-OINP Draws targeted candidates under the Masters Graduate and PhD Graduate streams, offering a unique pathway for international students and graduates to secure their future in Ontario.

A Closer Look at the Latest Ontario-OINP Draws

The Ontario-OINP Draws on July 9 marked a significant milestone in Ontario’s efforts to attract highly skilled individuals to the province. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the draws:

Masters Graduate Stream

  • Number of Invitations: 1,556
  • Minimum EOI Score: 54
  • Profile Creation Date: Between July 9, 2023, and July 9, 2024

This general draw saw a slight increase in the EOI cutoff score by 2 points compared to the previous draw on March 19. The Masters Graduate Stream continues to be a popular route for international students aiming to transition to permanent residency.

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PhD Graduate Stream

  • Number of Invitations: 110
  • Minimum EOI Score: 50
  • Profile Creation Date: Between July 9, 2023, and July 9, 2024

The PhD Graduate Stream’s EOI cutoff score saw a significant jump of 8 points compared to the last draw on March 19. This increase reflects the growing competition among candidates in this category.

Why These Draws Matter for International Students

The Ontario-OINP Draws provide a valuable opportunity for international students to gain permanent residency in Ontario without the need for job offers, LMIAs, or operating payrolls. By enrolling in a Masters or PhD program at a recognized university in Ontario, students can enhance their academic and professional profiles, increasing their chances of securing permanent residency.

Here’s why the Masters and PhD Graduate Streams are particularly advantageous for international students:

  • Academic and Professional Growth: Pursuing higher education in Ontario prepares students for future work opportunities and enhances their academic standing.
  • Extended Stay in Canada: Students can remain in Canada during their studies, improving their prospects of obtaining permanent residence.
  • No Need for Job Offers: Unlike other immigration streams, the Masters and PhD Graduate Streams do not require candidates to have job offers, making it easier for students to qualify.
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The Impact of Ontario-OINP Draws on Immigration

Since the beginning of 2024, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program has issued a total of 13,455 invitations to apply for permanent residency through its Expression of Interest (EOI) system. The International Student Stream has received the most invitations, followed by the Masters Graduate and Foreign Worker streams. This strategic focus on international students and graduates underscores Ontario’s commitment to attracting highly educated and skilled individuals to the province.

Here’s an overview of the 2024 OINP invitations:

  • International Student Stream: 5,277 invitations
  • Masters Graduate Stream: 4,270 invitations
  • Foreign Worker Stream: 3,569 invitations

Ontario-OINP Draws Offer a Bright Future for Immigrants

The recent Ontario-OINP Draws on July 9, 2024, highlight the province’s ongoing efforts to attract top talent from around the world. By focusing on international students and graduates, Ontario ensures a steady influx of highly skilled individuals who contribute to the province’s economic and social fabric. For those considering a future in Ontario, the Ontario-OINP Draws present a promising pathway to permanent residency, offering a wealth of opportunities for growth and success.

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The Ontario-OINP Draws continue to play a crucial role in shaping Ontario’s immigration landscape. As the province remains dedicated to welcoming skilled individuals, aspiring immigrants should stay informed about upcoming draws and prepare their profiles to seize these valuable opportunities.

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