Safest Travel Destination 2024

Safest Travel Destination 2024: Canada Tops the Charts

According to a recent report released by Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection (BHTP), Canada has been awarded as the safest travel destination in 2024. This accolade marks a significant climb from its sixth position in 2023. Canada’s top ranking is attributed to its excellence in various safety measures, including transportation, low rates of violent crime, robust health protocols, and inclusivity for women, LGBTQIA+, and BIPOC travelers.

Behind the Rankings

The Safest Destinations report compiled by BHTP integrates diverse data sources such as surveys, the Global Peace Index, the State Department’s travel safety ratings, and GeoSure Global scores. The criteria for a safe destination encompass factors like the absence of terrorism, disease outbreaks, discrimination, and harassment.

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Factors Contributing to Canada’s Success

Canada’s rise to the top spot is influenced by its cold climate and sparse population density, which contribute to overall safety. However, the report also highlights potential risks, such as wildfires and avalanches, emphasizing the need for travelers to stay informed and cautious.

Positive Reviews Despite Challenges

Despite the mentioned challenges, feedback on traveling to Canada remains overwhelmingly positive. Reviews acknowledge the low incidence of violent crime and gun-related incidents, making Canada an attractive and secure destination for travelers.

Sub-Categories Breakdown

Breaking down Canada’s ranking into sub-categories, the report underscores its supremacy across various dimensions of safety. From protection against violent crime and terrorism to transportation safety and health measures, Canada has emerged as a leader in every aspect.

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Varied Perspectives

The report also delves into how perceptions of safety vary among different age groups and income brackets. While Canada consistently ranks high overall, there are nuanced differences based on respondent demographics.

  • Millennials: Canada ranks fourth in overall travel safety among Millennials, following Norway, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.
  • Gen Z: Among Gen Z respondents, Canada retains its top position as the safest travel destination.
  • High-Income Respondents: Canada secures the second position in overall travel safety among respondents with a household income over $200,000, trailing only Portugal.
  • Big Spenders: For respondents spending over $25,000 annually on travel, Canada ranks sixth in overall safety.
  • Mature Travelers: While Canada ranks ninth for mature travelers, it remains a favored destination for parents, who consistently rate it as the safest travel option.
  • LGBTQ+ Travelers: Interestingly, LGBTQ+ travelers did not include Canada in their top 10 safest countries for travel, suggesting diverse perspectives on safety among different communities.
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Embrace Safety, Explore Canada

Canada is recognized as the safest travel destination and is known for providing secure and inclusive experiences for visitors. No matter, if you’re planning a family vacation, a solo adventure, or a romantic getaway, Canada invites you to explore its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cities with peace of mind.

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