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Your Best Opportunity to Immigrate to Canada is Already Here—Are You Prepared?

Do you know the worst mistake that skilled workers commit when exploring Canada immigration options? Too much planning with very little focus on execution.

Are you waiting for the pandemic to completely subside before moving ahead with your plans to get a job in Canada? This can actually prove to be a very expensive mistake because the time to aggressively look for jobs in Canada is already here.

Take Canada’s hospitality and tourism industry. If one had to identify that one sector that was worst hit by the pandemic, then its probably the tourism and hospitality industry.

No holidays, no vacations, no dining out, no meeting friends at the bar, no exploring new places, no going to crowded spots—all these restrictions had a direct and massive impact on all business related to the tourism industry.

There have been huge job losses in this sector, which means it will probably take a long time for job hiring to pick up pace, right? Wrong! In provinces like Prince Edward Island, businesses in this sector are actually struggling to fill up vacant positions.

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The worst of the pandemic seems to have passed and people are traveling and going on holidays to make up for lost opportunities. This means operators and businesses are ramping up hiring to cater to the surge in demand.

For a skilled worker in a tourism or hospitality-specific position, this means the best time to easily find a job in Canada may end very quickly. So, are you ready to use this opportunity? If yes, then here are five points you need to focus on so that you don’t miss this great chance to work and settle in Canada.

Assess Basic Eligibility First

There’s no point wasting your time with Express Entry if you don’t have any work experience. Are you ready to delay your Canada immigration plans until you gain the one-year work experience? If no, then just move on to find your eligibility for other PNP streams and pilot programs.

Stop Planning and Start Executing  

Do you think the Canada immigration process is a series of independent and separate steps that cannot or should not be done together? Wrong. Try to do everything together to avoid unnecessary delays.

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Get the reference letters from your employers, consult with the immigration attorney for identifying the right NOC code, give your language proficiency test, apply for police record certificate, and undergo the medical tests together to get it all done in a week.

Doing it all one step at a time can unnecessarily stretch the process over multiple months for no sensible reason.

 Job Search Starts First

Once you are sure of your basic eligibility for work permit or permanent residence, then your focus should shift to finding a job in Canada. With such transparent and precise immigration programs, finding a job can often be the toughest part of working and settling in Canada.

Explore all available options including job-search assistance offered by your immigration attorney and secure that elusive job offer from a good Canadian employer. This will simplify the rest of the process and give you a clear shot at even direct permanent residence in Canada.

Proper Documentation is Key

If your basic eligibility test is positive and you have job offer in hand, then bad documentation is probably the only thing likely to trip up your immigration application. An expired language test result or incomplete medical test report can unnecessarily delay your application.

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If the Immigration Officer concludes that you did this on purpose, then your application can even be rejected and you can end up back on square one. The safest option here is to work with professionals who have handled hundreds or even thousands of immigration applications.

Professional Assistance is a Smart Investment

Your Canada immigration application has lots and lots of moving parts. Before you file your application, you need to consider your eligibility, the right program or stream for you, comparison of provinces and even employers, and whether you should go alone or take your family along with you.

At time of filing, important tasks include proper documentation, completion of all formalities, and paying the right fee. This will lead to proper follow up, replying to queries, responding to the ITA, completing post-application formalities until you have the work permit or CoPR in hand.

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