Quebec's Simplified LMIA

Quebec’s Simplified LMIA Processing: An Overview of Eligibility and Criteria

In Quebec, the Ministry of Immigration annually releases an updated list of occupations eligible for simplified processing through the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) system. This process is unique to Quebec, which operates independently from the rest of Canada in terms of its immigration policies, regulations, and programs for foreign nationals seeking residency in the predominantly French-speaking province.

Distinctions Between Quebec and the Rest of Canada Regarding LMIAs

Quebec’s autonomy in immigration policies necessitates involvement with the federal government for LMIA processing in the hiring of temporary foreign workers. Employers in Quebec are required to have their LMIA applications approved by both the provincial and federal governments. These applications must be submitted to both authorities simultaneously, and failure to do so results in immediate rejection.

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Recent Changes in the List of Eligible Occupations for Simplified LMIA Processing

Over the last two years, the number of eligible job titles on Quebec’s list has increased significantly, now exceeding 300 compared to 181 in 2021. Furthermore, since November 16, 2022, the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has adopted an updated 2021 version of the National Occupation Classification (NOC) system, ensuring that all LMIA applications are processed using the revised NOC 2021 system.

Quebec Facilitated LMIA Occupations List 2023

NOC code 2016NOC code 2021Occupation title (2016)
11210011Human Resources Managers
11310012Purchasing managers
12110020Insurance, real estate and financial brokerage managers
12210021Banking, credit and other investment managers
12410022Advertising, marketing and public relations managers
13110030Managers of telecommunications companies
21120010Engineering Services Managers
21220011Managers of Architecture and Science Services
21320012IT systems managers
31130010health care managers
42240021Principals and administrators of educational programs at the elementary and secondary levels (only for educational institutions designated and recognized by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education or another ministry or state agency)
0423 *40030Managers of Social and Community Services (only this title)
51250011Managers – Publishing, Film, Broadcasting and Performing Arts
51350012Directors of sports, recreation and fitness programs and services
60160010Corporate Sales Managers
63160030Restaurant and Food Service Managers
63260031Accommodation Services Managers
71170010Construction managers
71270011Home construction and renovation managers
73170020Transportation Managers
81180010Natural resources and fishing managers
91190010Manufacturing managers
91290011Utilities Managers
111111100Financial auditors and accountants
111211101Financial Analysts/Financial Analysts and Investment Analysts
111311103Securities Agents, Investment Agents and Traders
1114 *11102Financial Planners and Financial Advisors (this designation only)
112111200Human resources professionals
112211201Business management consulting professionals
112311202Professionals in advertising, marketing and public relations
121112010Supervisors of office clerks and administrative support staff
121472025Postal and courier service supervisors
121512013Supervisors of supply chain coordination, tracking and scheduling staff
122113100Administrative Officers
122212100Executive Assistants
122312101Human Resources and Recruitment Officers
122413101Property management officers
122512102Purchasing Agents
122612103Conference and event planners
124113110Administrative Assistants
124213111Legal Administrative Assistants
124313112Medical administrative assistants
125112110Court reporters, medical transcriptionists and related workers
125212111Health Information Management Professionals
125312112Records Management Technicians
125412113Statistical Officers and Related Research Support Occupations
131112200Accounting Technicians and Bookkeepers

Eligibility Criteria for Simplified LMIA Processing in Quebec

Employers seeking to utilize Quebec’s simplified LMIA processing system must adhere to specific conditions:

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Offer a Competitive Working Environment

Employers must provide a working environment comparable to that offered to Canadian citizens or permanent residents in a similar employment sector, including similar salaries and working conditions.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Employers must demonstrate that their business operates in Quebec, that the position meets financial and material conditions, and that the organization has not been convicted of any Section 99 offences as per Quebec’s immigration regulations.

Provide Health Insurance

Employers must offer free medical coverage to the hired worker until they are eligible for Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) coverage.

Eligibility Criteria for Low-Wage Positions

In addition to the general criteria, employers hiring for low-wage positions must provide or help workers find suitable and affordable housing, cover transportation costs, and provide health coverage equivalent to the RAMQ plan.

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Ineligible Jobs for Simplified LMIA Processing

Certain job types are ineligible for simplified LMIA processing, including those occupied by temporary workers who exercise control over the business, those that fulfill the labor needs of third-party clients or public bodies instead of the employer, those that interfere with ongoing labor disputes, and those in industries deemed ineligible for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program under Chapter C-27 of Quebec’s Labour Code.

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