Latest Arrima Draw

Quebec Invited 1,007 Candidates Through The Latest Arrima Draw

Quebec recently invited 1,007 candidates to apply for permanent selection through its Arrima draw. The extraction from the Arrima bank occurred on February 19, 2024. These invitations were extended to individuals who met specific criteria, ensuring that Quebec’s immigration program continues attracting skilled individuals to contribute to the province’s growth and development.

Invitation Criteria

Candidates who received invitations met the following criteria:

  • Proficiency of level 7 or higher in French, as per the Quebec scale of French proficiency levels for adult immigrants, or its equivalent.
  • Attainment of a score equal to or greater than 608 points.

Additionally, invitations were also extended to individuals who met the following criteria:

  • Proficiency of level 7 or higher in French, as per the Quebec scale of French proficiency levels for adult immigrants, or its equivalent.
  • Possession of a valid job offer outside the territory of the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal.
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Predicting the Next Draw

Quebec Immigration typically conducts Arrima draws on a bi-weekly basis, at minimum. The frequency, size, and timing of the next draw are determined by the current needs of Quebec’s application inventory. Prospective candidates should stay updated with program announcements to maximize their chances of receiving an invitation in future draws.

Understanding Quebec Immigration

Quebec has its distinct programs, processes, and eligibility criteria, with more immigration authority than any other province in Canada. Established in 1968, Quebec has been actively participating in Canada’s immigration system.

Immigration Pathways in Quebec

There are various pathways for immigrating to Quebec, including:

  • Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program (QSWP): For foreign skilled workers.
  • Quebec Experience Program (PEQ): For Quebec post-secondary institution graduates and skilled workers with Quebec employment experience.
  • Quebec Permanent Immigration Pilot Programs: Targeting workers in specific industries such as food, orderlies, artificial intelligence, information technology, and visual effects.
  • Quebec Business Immigration Programs: For individuals with entrepreneurial, investor, or self-employed experience.
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Receiving a Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ)

Successful candidates receive a Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ), confirming their selection for Quebec Immigration. Following this, candidates can apply to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for Canadian permanent residency.

Meeting Prerequisites

Candidates seeking to settle in Quebec must meet prerequisites such as a qualifying score in the Quebec points calculator and minimum employment experience, as required by both levels of government.

Quebec’s immigration programs offer diverse opportunities for skilled individuals to establish themselves in the province and contribute to its vibrant communities and economy. By staying informed about program updates and meeting eligibility criteria, candidates can navigate the immigration process successfully and embark on a new chapter in Quebec.

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