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No Need for FOMO—Canada Likely to Conduct More Monster Express Entry Draws in 2021


Until Feb 12, 2021, 5000 ITAs (Invitation to Apply) (ITA) was the highest number of ITAs that Canada had ever issued in a single Express Entry draw. Between November 18 and December 23, 2020, Canada conducted four draws and issued 5,000 ITAs in each draw.

Until Feb 12, 2021, the lowest CRS score requirement in an Express Entry draw was the FSTP draw held on May 16, 2017 where the cut-off score was just 199 points.

On Feb 13, 2021, both these records were shattered as Canada issued a staggering 27,332 ITAs in a Express Entry draw for Canada Experience Class candidates with a cut-off score of just 75 points.

It’s great if you were in the pool and have received an ITA. But what if you are planning to apply now? Have you missed out on the easiest opportunity to get an ITA? Should you dump your Canada immigration plans because you feel such monster draws are unlikely to be held again?

Well, predicting how a future EE draw will turn out is simply impossible. However, don’t lose hope yet. Read ahead to know why such draws are likely to happen in the future and get some actionable points to be prepared for it.


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3 Reasons to Look Forward for More Monster-EE Draws

One, Canada needs immigrants to maintain its population of working-age individuals. Without foreign skilled workers, Canada’s economic growth will falter and it will struggle to maintain its status as a developed country.

As long as the need for skilled immigration remains, Canada will conduct draws with extremely low CRS scores and allow a large number of immigrants to apply for permanent residence in the country.

Two, Canada has a need for a large number of immigrants. It plans on admitting more than a million immigrants over the next three years. Canada plans on fulfilling its target primarily by attracting skilled workers and their family members.

And not every applicant who receives an ITA will apply or qualify for permanent residence. So, big-ticket draws are likely to happen in the future as well.

Three, the big draws are focused on Canada Experience Class and PNP streams because international travel is shut and skilled workers cannot come to Canada from abroad. As the situation normalizes, these big draws are likely to be held for Express Entry applicants living in foreign countries.

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Plan Now to Benefit from the Next Big-Ticket Draw!

Canada plans on admitting more than 400,000 immigrants, including 110,000 skilled workers, in 2021. Despite the recent monster draw, more than two-third of Canada’s skilled immigration target remains to be filled.

Further, not all ITAs will translate into successful PR applications, which means there’s a good chance that you can benefit from a big draw in the future provided you are prepared for it.  

Apply Apply Apply!

The only way you can benefit from a huge EE draw is only if you are already in the Express Entry pool. So, stop delaying and get your application in as early as possible. There’s no point in regretting lost chances. Instead, check your EE eligibility and get into the pool at the earliest.

Expand your EE Eligibility

Young enough to take a break from your work to get a degree? Join a course in Canada. CEC and PNP draws may not dominate the scene once international travel normalizes but being eligible for two federal programs (FSWP + CEC) along with PNP streams is always a better option than just the FSWP.

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Prepare for PNPs

What the Federal government does today, expect the provinces to do tomorrow. PNPs are an important part of Canada’s immigration plans. So, start consulting with an immigration professional and identify PNP streams and options suitable to your profile.

Use the job offer as the wild card. Very low CRS cut-off scores means you can qualify for an ITA even if you don’t have a job offer from a Canadian employer. However, unless you are a millionaire, you will need a job in Canada to settle in the country with your family.

So, don’t make the mistake of thinking that job search and immigration are two separate and independent decisions. The two are linked and securing a job offer when you are in the EE pool will give you a great shot at PR even if CRS scores remain high.

Finally, stop treating you immigration dreams as a DIY-experiment. Instead, get in touch with a qualified and experienced immigration professional to assess your profile, identify strong and weak points, prepare documentation, and be ready to take advantage of the next monster draw that may be conducted in the future.

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