Foreign Workers in Quebec

Navigating the Hiring Process for Foreign Workers in Quebec: A Comprehensive Guide

Hiring foreign workers in Quebec involves navigating a process that distinguishes certain occupations from the traditional requirements of advertising positions to Canadian citizens and permanent residents. The typical route for hiring temporary foreign workers in Canada involves obtaining a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). LMIAs serve as a crucial verification tool for employers, ensuring that bringing in a foreign national will contribute either neutrally or positively to the Canadian labor market.

Exemptions from Advertising Requirements

Quebec employers seeking to hire for specific occupations enjoy exemptions from the mandatory advertising of positions for which they intend to employ foreign workers. This deviation from the norm streamlines the process, allowing employers to focus on the necessary steps unique to hiring foreign nationals.


Facilitated Work Permit Process in Quebec

While Quebec-based employers are not obligated to prove attempts at hiring Canadian citizens or permanent residents before resorting to temporary foreign workers, they should make sincere efforts in this regard. Also, with the facilitated work permit process in Quebec, employers will still be required to apply for an LMIA.

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Requirements for Hiring Foreign Workers in Quebec

In the pursuit of hiring temporary foreign workers, employers in Quebec must adhere to specific criteria:

  • Educational and Experience Requirements: Employers must prove that the hired individual meets both the educational and experience criteria for the job and the National Occupation Classification.
  • Wage Alignment: Employers need to showcase that the foreign worker’s wage aligns with both provincial and federal standards, as well as the wages offered to Canadian citizens and permanent residents.
  • Transition Plan: A transition plan is a requisite for all high-wage LMIA applications. However, it’s important to note that under Quebec’s facilitated work permit process, transition plans are only mandatory for the second or subsequent LMIA applications submitted for the same occupation at the same location.
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Transition Plan in Detail

A transition plan outlines how employers will eventually fill the job with Canadian citizens or permanent residents. It is a critical element of the hiring process for temporary foreign workers, ensuring that the employment of foreign nationals is a temporary solution, and efforts are made to transition to a domestic workforce. This plan is particularly important for high-wage LMIA applications and serves as a strategic approach to balancing the labor market.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) Quebec Pilot Project

Until December 31st, 2024, specific occupations falling under Training, Education, Experience, and Responsibilities (TEER) categories 4 and 5 are exempt from the traditional advertising and recruitment requirements. This pilot project acknowledges the unique demands of certain occupations and provides a streamlined process for employers seeking foreign workers in these categories. Navigating the process of hiring foreign workers in Quebec requires a nuanced understanding of the exemptions, requirements, and specific considerations outlined by the government. Employers must carefully adhere to the criteria outlined in the LMIA process, ensuring that the hiring of foreign nationals aligns with the standards and regulations in place.

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With the Temporary Foreign Worker Program Quebec Pilot Project offering exemptions for certain occupations, employers have additional avenues to explore when seeking to fill specific roles with foreign workers. As Quebec continues to adapt its policies, staying informed and compliant is crucial for employers looking to enhance their workforce with international talent.

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